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War Hero
But only £10k out of £55k....?? They should stand him on some street corner in Wales and make him "earn" the rest!!! :lol: :lol:
I would say taking him on a cultural visit to Turkey and then standing him on a street corner would be more effective. Payment at local rate, of course.


War Hero
Bloke up here in carlisle has to pay back £60000 for selling dodgy dvds & music or face an extra 12 months in jail.
Time and time again we hear about.

And he/she pocketed five million and must serve at least two years in prison. Probably a open prison with social outlets to the local pub to reintroduce them back to society.

As for heroin or any shite pushers pull through with barbed wire would be about right.

Was informed never paid enough tax in 1992 please send cheque for thirty six pounds to allow for full state pension. So what happens to those who have never done a days graft yet and never will.
Backpacker1uk said:
As for heroin or any shite pushers pull through with barbed wire would be about right.

Whilst I am not condoning Drug Pushers, you think it's okay to be cruel to your fellow man, but not to animals???

I see where you're coming from!


War Hero
Re the original story - absolutely delighted. Cracking decision by the judge and one which should become more common place throughout the land.

Re the bloke in carlisle? Lose £60 K or go to jail for an extra 12 months, which would probably be reduced to six with good behaviour and possibly even less with parole. Think I'd keep the money in his case. The Judge should have made the repayment mandatory in his case and kept him in jail indefinitely until he paid up.

Harsh? Yes, but a bloody good deterrent I think.



But why keep him in prison? That costs money which the tax payer has to fund. Let him out, make him work for the money and pay it off wiithout costing US!
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