Heroes worse than paedos??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Gombear, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Well he has probably sounded the death knell for Webeurope web design http://www.webeurope.co.uk/ who were (according to his own website) "fast becoming the largest web design company in the South West area" - what a prat!

    Hopefully he will start losing business VERY quickly.
  2. It's been in the Scum as well.

    Words fail, hope his business does
  3. been a while since I was last on the outrage bus but, well, couldn't he be up in court for this if someone wanted to complain about discrimination under the HRA?

    I like the outrage bus...
  4. Is it legal to discriminate on the basis of former employment?

    This chap needs to go back in time to the early 1980s and be parachuted into South Armagh in "the north of Ireland" to see how welcome he would have been.

    I hope the Taunton people are aware of his feelings.
  5. I've gotta say I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

    I run a small chain of debt collectors, backstreet bookies, massage parlours and bare knuckle boxing gyms in the East End of London. People with these sort of skills and experience are exactly the kind of employees I am looking for. I mean it's so difficult to find any decent child molesters in this day and age.

    Personally I can't see how an ex squaddie or matelot would be suitably qualified for the sort of things I have in mind.
  6. Taunton eh, maybe some lads from 40 could pop round for tea and stickies.
  7. 2DD

    How do you know if they're 'decent' child molesters. Do you ask the kids?
  8. It helps, but usually a quick glance at their rape kit is all you need to judge their credentials.

    You can tell a lot about a man from his tools.
  9. His profits will go down the shitter now!
  10. I believe that could be a possible situation. I think (but not 100% certain) it would be classed as discrimination. Just like those he would rather employ wouldn't be allowed in to be discrimated against in employment.
  11. Having had a look at his web site they are clearly stiil accepting emails, perhaps a few polite intimations on how others view his principles might make their day more exiting.

    In my opinion this man is even worse than Hooky and his mates.
  12. As someone else has said on another site (not ROMFT)

    "If Karl Winn's business was burning to the ground, if Karl Winn was in a road accident and needed medical/roadside attention, if Karl Winn needed police protection, if Karl Winn needed a breakdown vehicle, If Karl needed ?????????? and an ex serviceman was that need, what would his attitude be then?"

    A good point IMO
  13. I think he's shot himself in the foot, idiot.

  14. Read that utter waste of space Press release and wasted 4 minutes of my life. Hope this waste of oxygen and all his little friends meet an untimley demise
  15. What I want to call him is definately not appropriate for a viewable internet forum.
  16. This is a great tool, my thanks to the lads from AARSE for the link. All this tossers clients, I'm sure they would all be interested in receiving emails from disgruntled Jack asking why they are doing business with such a person.


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