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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by rosinacarley, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. I heard last night on Radio 5live that before the football match on Wednesday (there's a football match, I hadn't heard!) service personnel recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan will be making a lap of honour around the pitch. It has been organised by the BAFF.

    There was a fairly heated discussion on whether this was a good idea or not. They had two chaps recently back from Afghansistan who felt that it was, and who are we to argue with them.

    Discounting the loonie that was the pacifist and felt that all war is wrong (er? don't we all?) many ex-serving members were also against the idea.

    What does RR think?

    They also get free tickets to watch the match afterwards!!
  2. While anything that recoginses those who have served is a good thing, is a football match an appropriate venue? I would imagine that most football supporters would tend to be ultra-nationalists and cheer on the recently returned lads and lasses, but making a tribute to returned servicemen a mere adjunct to a sporting contest seems to trivialise their efforts.
  3. Cracking idea!!
    Anything that helps keep our brothers serving overseas in the focus of the public should be applauded :)
  4. Unless it's an international match, I don't really think they will get the recognition they deserve. I would also be concerned about what will happen and what the impact will be on the individuals if the crowd start booing and jeering them as opposed to supporting them.

    I also feel it's a shame the BAFF have to organise this as opposed to the government.
  5. The Falklands Veterans did a lap of honour t'other week at half time at an Argyle home match. Standing ovation from the crowd - much appreciated by the Veterans. But the ties are a lot stronger down here than in Smoke. Having said that, saw the Victory Parade in 1982 - biggest "Clear Lower Deck" I've ever seen.
  6. The whole thing is about morale boosting, but what if the football supporters do not cheer and stand? What if they boo and hiss? (I doubt this but you cannot discount it as a possibility). What then would that do to morale?
  7. It is an International Football match!

    Are you telling me that those going to watch it are NOT patriotic?
    Oh course there will be a standing ovation, not boo's etc.
  8. I wish I could be so confident.

    Don't forget the Falklands was a battle to regain part of UK sovereign territory. The current wars are a very different matter.

    I don't recall that many people being against the Falklands war but a hell of a lot were, and still are, against the current wars our lads and lasses are fighting - and god bless and protect them all.
  9. Lamri, you can be patriotic, and still not approve of the idea of the war in Iraq but support the troops. So lets hope this is the position that the crowd take.
  10. Do please try not to patronise me Rosie dear ;)
  11. Lamri my little poppet, I am so not patronising you! Silly boy!merely devils advocate!
  12. Oh friendly but mad cat lady, bless you! :D
  13. I have just returned from the Falkland Islands, as part of the 25th anniversary pilgrimage we were cheered where ever we went. Islanders stopped to shake my hand if they were driving they offered stopped and offered a lift, drinks would appear in front of us and very good friendships reaffirmed or made.

    I am sure that if our guys parade around the pitch they will be treated to a standing ovation, I only hope if it goes ahead it is televised as part of the coverage.

    God Bless them all

    I think

  14. Agree with you totally and anyone who is heard booing should be Flogged in my opinion.

    As a sort of straw poll in a way,they said that the Rememberance parade down my way had the biggest turn out since The Falklands conflict,so it shows Joe Public does care and Wednesday will prove it.
  15. I don't think this is a good idea as it. It is an England game and we are the British Armed Forces so this excludes all the other nations (Why would anyone other than an English person want to go?). Do the Scottish, Irish or Welsh do less of a job than the English?

  16. Most regiments at the moment are made up from British people . Brits are
    Scot,Irish,Welsh and English .

    Apart from that the Tartan Army is not all Scots either :bball: :bball:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  17. I'm all for the troops getting free tickets if they want to go but not fully at ease with the idea of the lap of honour.A parade & welcoming home party in their base town might be more appropriate.This is an International game,what about the other side Croatia?Remember British forces took part in the Bosnia conflict & they may well boo them.This might lead to retaliation from the English fans who are never too far away from a punch up at games.Do the armed forces want to be associated with hooliganism?Also FIFA/EUFA may have something to say about what could be interpreted as politicising an international event although clearly that's not the thinking behind the proposal.
  18. Exactly, so why would a Scottish, Irish or Welsh person want to go to an England International football game? I for certainly would'nt! Why did the not organise for the Scottish to go to the Italy game on Saturday, and the Welsh to their game? It just seems to me that the English think Britain is England.

    It was like during either the last World Cup or the one before (I can't remember), when one of the Carriers got everyone to line up so it spelt 'England Expects'. They did not have enough English people so they forced the Scottish, Welsh and Irish join in.

    The Tartan Army is the name give to the Scottish Football Team Supporters, so whilst there maybe one or two that are not Scottish, the vast majority of them are!
  19. The idea behind the thread is great, regardless of what football team, yes every team should do it. Dont turn this into some shite about how hard done by Scots are, because you may of been in the past, but your not now, and I for one am sick of listening to such dribble.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, so we give shit to the powers that be when they DON'T do enough for the troops, and we give 'em shite when they DO do something for them... I'm confused. :oops: :roll:

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