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> >> Two kids are playing football in a park in Manchester.
> >>
> >> Suddenly one of them is attacked by a Rottweiler which clamps
> >> mouth around the kids neck.
> >>
> >> The other kid, seeing the danger his pal is in, picks up one
> >> sticks they were using as a goal post, puts it through the dogs
> >> and using all his strength twists it until the dogs neck breaks
> >> friend is saved.
> >>
> >> This is all seen by a local newspaper reporter who sees a
> >> national headline in the incident, and goes over to the kids.
> >> "That was really heroic" he says "I can see it now 'Heroic
> >> risks life to save best friend'"
> >>
> >> "But I don't follow United" says the kid
> >>
> >> "Ok, how about 'Super City Kid fights off rabid rottweiller to
> >> his pal'"
> >>
> >> "But I don't follow City either" says the kid
> >>
> >> "Well who do you support" asks the reporter
> >>
> >> "Liverpool" he says
> >>
> >> "Even better" says the reporter "Scouse bastard murders family pet
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