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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Clown_Puncher, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Seeing as cock of the week is so popular, I think we should have a hero of the week award also. This is presented to whoever has made us laugh the most or has been a general good egg.

    I have chosen the word "Hero", as gay as it is, because that's what faux Forces supporting civvie bumnuggets call anyone in the Armed Forces, even if it is some 54 year old barrack stanchion who's closest experience to a contact was when the fat cunts microwaveable Ginsters exploded and showered him in molten gravy.

    And being that there are more civvies on here than actual, real serving personnel, I thought it apt.

    Anyway, I digress. My vote goes to Blackrat this week, for outstanding wordsmithery, here:


    With Rumrat not far behind.
  2. Blackrat seconded.

    Although not quite a matelot yet and therefore not a qualified hero, I am watching young jjp23. He has some serious potential. I think this young thruster will go far. He has manged to keep up with the banter and rarely seems out of his depth.

    Definitely my favourite newbie after tuts of course.
  3. Bloody sycophant. ooooooo Tuts is my bestest new oppo because she has more hair than me on her growler (allegedly)

    Blackrat thirded and 2DD is still a raging hermer!!! :wink:
  4. Actually i think it should go to the person who thought up BOOST Duos. Awesome nutty designed by someone who deserves a gong of some kind!!!
  5. i like the idea of a hero of the week something for us to excell towards i think thats the wrong wording but im drubk and seriously contenplating get some clothes on and going to pub for last couple of hours so i dont fcuking care about my grammer or my wordsmithery
    wordsmithery what a beutifiul wrod for ythe use of words
    anyway him who everyone else has said but fourthed
    im not sure if i spelt that right but aaawwwww fcuk it
  6. I vote for you because I love smashed people.
  7. And anyone actively searching for their name on this thread gets an automatic nomination for cock of the week for being a narcissistic, self-sycophantic cnut :D
  8. I wasn't actively searching, I sort of did it by accident...bollix, off to the other thread then
  9. Fcuking KNEW you would :lol:
  10. Double bollix :oops: :wink:
  11. :lurk:
  12. I'll vote for her only because I want to chuck one up her though.
  14. You watch yours, it's getting dangerously close to having my engorged spam-hammer in it.
  15. Weird saying. How the fcuk do you do that without a mirror unless your a 'tard with a lower jaw like an excavator??
  16. I'd bite the fcuker off and make paella with it.

    Fcuk it, can't be arsed - QTs on.
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How flattering. I see that four of you lovely people have voted me as hero of the week. What a nice surprise. I have just walked in to casa Blackrat after being out on the lash and find this out. Now i can forget about the fact i have emptied my back, hit a rozzer, vomited in a minicab and urinated up my neighbours car. I fucking love you lot. You're my bezzers.
  18. I vote for Blackrat as well. Even if it is just for that ^^^^
  19. I was going to vote for CP but this made me laugh, so i vote for Blackrat aswell.

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