Hero Jacks

At the end of the commission as many will know, it's practice to De-ammunition ship, and in days gone by this was done at Gus, before a ship went into Chats.
I was in charge of a small party of hands employed on this task in the for'd
flat on Aurora. Anyone who remembers the Leander's will know that just into the flat it is the Joss man's office/cabin port side and the hatch down to the Engineering workshop starboard. Above this hatch in the deck head was a small hatch for ammunition, and we had a chute rigged here for our task.
With me were four Juniors just joined for the next commission. Joss sat with his back to us in his office and unknown to him a shell 4.5" fell off the chute into the Engineering workshop hatch.
Immediately a Junior leaps onto the joss pushes him onto his pit and throws himself over the Joss.
Now fearing he is imminently about to be trollied the Joss (Bertie Bunting) starts to yell and scream for him to get off. All the old hands in the flat who have witnessed the drama unwinding in front of them cannot stand up for laughing.
I eventually drag the J/S off the joss and he immediately slaps me one as I'm almost cheesed down myself.
Joss spends next two weeks before pay off lashing me up to fcuk as I did not complain about him goffering me.
J/S could not understand
A/ why shell never exploded,
B/ why Joss did. 8O :D
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