Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sammysideways, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Im sorry if this is a bit of a bone newbie question. I hope its not, I just really need advice on what to do.

    Got my start date on the 9th of November which ive really been looking forwards to. was working out thursday doing weights when I felt a pop from around my groin area. On investigation Im worried that i may have popped a hernia although im no doctor.
    What should I do? Do i go to raleigh and hope all is ok? Im sure I should go to my docs and get checked over but im MEGA scared that my self diagnosis will be right and my date will get moved back alot or I wont even be allowed in at all?
  2. But if it is what you suspect you'll be sent home anyhow, having wasted everyone's time and money.

    Go to the doctor.

    And don't put apostrophies in plurals.
  3. Apolagies my punctuation has always been poor.

    I suppose that does make sense. Just ill be absolutly gutted as Ive worked so hard for this and now it probally wont even happen.
  4. Sorry, I'm a pedantic twat with an apostrophe fixation.

    There's every possibility that it's just a strain (I'm no expert), but as I say, you don't have anything to gain by not getting it checked out. Obviously a blow if it is bad news, but you'll be able to come back at a later date surely?

    Good luck.
  5. Re: Hernias

    Hi Sammy

    You must go and see your GP on Monday or go to a NHS Walk-In Centre and get a definite diagnosis and then contact your Careers Advisor.

    As Guzzler says, if you arrive at Raleigh with an existing injury, you will be sent home.

    I know that, at the moment, this won't seem like the best option; however, if you make the journey all the way to Plymouth only to be sent home, you will be terribly disappointed.

    If you do pull out of your entry because you have an injury, you will stay at the top of the list and should be able to go in as soon as you are fit.


  6. Im gutted already. Finished my job too which is extra hard as no money coming in.
    ok ill make a docs apointment ASAP. Is the careers place going to be angry if it is a hernia? also how much of the recruitment phase do I have to go through again if I do drop out?

    thanks for all the input.
  7. I can't see what grounds they'd have for being angry - you were training, it could happen to anyone.

    As for re-doing any of your recruitment stuff, I'd be surprised if you had to, but I'm sure you'll get a more informed response by someone qualified on here soon.

    Afraid I'm not one of them.

    Chin up - sure you'll be fine.
  8. Hi Sammy!

    Of course the Careers Advisor won't be angry, Sammy - we do encounter this sort of problem now and then.

    Theoretically, you shouldn't have to do any of the recruitment phase again, but this will depend on how long it takes you to become fit again; let's be honest, if you do have a hernia, surgery may be required, which may take the NHS some time to organise.

    If you do need to take time out for treatment, you may find that the Benefits Agency can help you.

    I would advise, having thought about it, that you try to get to your nearest NHS walk-in centre tomorrow, Sunday, for an appraisal by a Doctor, rather than wait until Monday.

    Let me know how you get on.


  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Agreed, it's more common than many imagine, hence the Acknowledgement/Medical Certificate that new joiners have to sign just prior to joining.

    Good luck Sammy.
  10. Couldnt get there today but have a apointment at the local doctors surgery. Im keeping my fingers crossed its not a hernia.
    the thought of having to wait so long to start my basic training makes me upset.

    For once being honest doesnt feel the right choice even though i know that i have to and thats what I will do. I just know NHS will take ages and ill have to wait ages before i can join.
  11. Right choice.

    If something like this needs sorted, see a GP and don't go to a Walk-In-Centre. You'd probably just see a nurse who would refer you back to your GP in any case.

    Hope all works out.
  12. angrydoc I dont know if you would know but I dont suppose you would know the sort of waiting times for hernia ops and recovery times etc?
  13. I wondered if Hernia's was a Night Club for the more mature punter :biggrin:
  14. Seems like a bail-out answer, but it depends on what part of the country you are in. Waiting lists are a lot shorter now than they used to be. Using the NHS' much lauded 'Choose-and-Book' system (if it's working), your GP may be able to offer you a sooner appointment at another hospital - not necessarily the closest one to you geographically.

    Chat to your GP.
  15. Is the wording you require 'Do Not'

    Those in a glass house should not throw stones
  16. My son popped a hernia about 10 months ago but it appears to be deep seated so they have decided to do a CT scan to locate, hence to time delay. He is still waiting for an appointment for the scan.
  17. I think Guzzler was calling for correct aphostrophication, not cessation.

    A handy guide:

  18. Well ive got amazing news.

    Went to the docs today and had the most senior doctor the surgery has and he has given me the all clear. Ive got a normal cough reflex and no signs of any hernia.
    Feel silly for starting this thread now but I was scared stiff.
  19. That's such good news Sammy!

    Time to start getting your stuff together, now .................
  20. No it isn't the 'wording I require', it's a contraction not a plural.

    Anyway, more importantly, good news Sammy.

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