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Discussion in 'History' started by Jarhead, May 18, 2007.

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  1. The places we used to haunt.

    From the MCRD squad bays i started in
    to the Quonset huts i spent a very very cold Christmas 1989 in
    To the Marine Barracks Mare Island Naval Shipyard (now a Medical School),
    To the building 621 where i lived for 2.5 years (now a dilapidated old ruin),

    I lift a toast: Farewell old friends, Farewell. I remember you always.
  2. Pelican Road and white city HMS Collingwood
  3. F Block at JRTE HMAS Leeuwin.
    The WWII era 40 man barracks in HMAS Penguin.
    OPP Block in HMS Dolphin - even older. :p

    None of the above still used for their original purpose - giving sailors a place to lay their heads in between runs ashore. :D
  4. The Armada Club , HMS Terror
  5. The wooden shacks down by the river in Drake. Our skipper on the Finisterre took one look at them and said, "they were not fit for human inhabitation". Drake accomodation occifer said to him, "OK, for your lot then!" The Jimmy stepped in to stop to stop what would have been a spectacular end to someones career!

    Semper Strenuissima.
  6. The Long Covered Way. Nothing but rubble now.
  7. The Lion Club - HMS Cochrane...saw 'Budgie' there...also saw lots and lots and lots of beer! Great days/daze.
  8. the globe ,harwich, many a young sailor (under age ) started the road to ruin there :lol:
  9. Short Covered Way
    Armada Club
    China Fleet Club
    Fighting Cocks, Alverstoke
    Duck Bay Marina, Lock Lommond

    That is where my ghosts will be found

  10. Joanna's
    Mighty Fine
    City Arms

    Thats where my ghosts lie. (along with some of my teeth) :oops:
  11. Bloody Hell! that was my local. George and Mildred (sorry, Megan).
  12. East Camp , Chatham Barracks 1971 , Fxxxxxxxxxg awful place .
  13. The Ferry Hut at HMS Vernon where you had to kip the night because you missed the last ferry back to HMS Dolphin,especially if there was about 8 of you !!
  14. HMS Chrysanthemum where I got my first taste of the RNXS (whilst still a serving Observer (Obs) in the ROC), now a dilapidated shell :(

    1A3/11 Post No.1 Group ROC where I spent 11 happy years from a gullible J/Obs to an cynical Obs, a small part of that underground. :)
  15. The JR's Bar at The Haslar Club.
  16. The WRAF's block, RAF Shawbury. You would have to be a Killick Chockhead to understand that one :thumright:
  17. Yes happy memories, at least of what led up to a night in the hut.
  18. Also the Submariners JRs bar that we ran ourselves at Rosyth Dockyard, used to love the happy hours in there at 10p a pint.

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