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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Clouseau, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Quite interested in all the threads about RR purpose/advertising/relevance/moderation. JD asked for ideas - here's one:

    Why not try and set up a separate (Not RR) discussion Forum on the MOD only network, (DII). There would be problems with regard free speech and military discipline, but if handled carefully and moderated effectively I believe it could work. It would certainly allow those people who find this site lacking in currency and relevance a place to discuss "hot" and even Restricted subjects.

    This could add to the "Communities of Interest" approach and promote "Best Practice". Imagine maintainers at sea starting threads like

    "...... 996 doesn't work I've tried everything, can anyone help?".......

    I acknowledge a whole raft of issues - but it can work and I have seen it work at DERA/QinetiQ.

    Might even rival RR :wink:
  2. I maybe a lil dumb here but are you basically saying to start a site on a MOD network?

    If so, this will not have anything to do with RR as it would be run by the RN/gov and not the CO's here. Good idea though but you are pointing towards a whole new site, unless I am wrong.
  3. Considering the ratio of serving / non personnel, I think it might be a bit boring, throw in the big brother part and....

  4. Jeez Jonny, even with my bed eengleesh and cloosows i evven manage to feegure ouwt what he was saying, "unleess you are rong"

    By the way Jonny,, Do you av a seester? PLZ

    Perhaps eef it woz on the Mod Netwurk we wouldn't av ceevies as moderaytar talking shite as eef they were still in,, going off on some sort of power treep coz of the way they were treated a OM's or ab's.
    just a thought!

    Hopefully this isn't over the head of anybody,,, we are al fairly switched on in here,,, unless you are a dumb slapper dabber!

    (Why DID you delete your post Jonny?)
  5. A minor point, maybe, but the anonymous Posts could be traced straight back to an accounted and signed for machine. Career limitation springs to mind.
  6. You are quiet correct. "Not RR".
  7. So what you're saying is that it would be self moderating!!
  8. More boring than reading the usual rants about the quality of todays RN?

    More tedious than reading the same old tripe about what's wrong with foreigners / muslims / the government?

    More dull than reading the "In" jokes from the forum clique?
  9. You may wish to take a step back an relook at your idea, what you think is boring could be considered good by others etc

    This is not the point, your suggestion, be that of a good one, is one that means setting up a whole new and different site, this is not going to help RR.
  10. True - but that's "My Opinion".

    Right again. My idea won't help RR, but it will give a forum to Serving Personnel to discuss Service matters, exchange ideas, promote best practice and generally benefit its' contributors. - Hang on isn't that what RR is for??

    I spoke to a collegue today and asked him if he'd heard of RR. He replied: "Not that old manking - shop!?"

    The idea was not to put down RR - simply to offer a different solution to the perception that RR Does not / cannot provide a service forum to discuss current and relevant service issues.

    I conceed there are problems with the idea - but thought that RR was the ideal place to discuss them. Don't you like the idea of competition being discussed on this site??
  11. This isn't the topic, that's my point, we called for ideas to help the site, not to go against the site.
  12. You miss the point. This isn't "against" RR. This is about providing a service to RN personnel. I started a new thread deliberately to prevent confusion over the previous issues of moderation / relevance and purpose.

    If you are unhappy, feel free to move it to a forum of your choosing.
  13. Not unhappy, was a little confused.
  14. I suppose an internal one might give the opportunity to discuss, say, the new bone/barking Standard Priority System in relation to Naval support. Things that we wouldn't want rubber necks and journos having access to.
  15. Unfortunately not all of us have constant access to dii. There is one terminal in our office which is always being used for admin. Even for the crabs that work here it's a struggle to get time on the system to sort out their JPA shite and when we and the pongos get JPA it's going to be a bunfight to log on to the system for that let alone a forum.

    I only ever used to log onto chots to look at buzz busters, anybody know what's happened to that?
  16. I know the sort of thing that Closeau is talking about. The Army has gone one better and created something called ArmyNet. Its available from the internet but you have to be serving or sponsored by a serving soldier to join. It has loads of good stuff such as pay statements, email and other useful information. It even has a forum. Obviously the admins know who everyone is so debate tends to be quite stifled but it is still an excellent resource that I think the RN should copy.

    As far as DII communities go, I'm also aware of them. My experience though is that they are barely used due to issues such as lack of DII access.

    As far as I'm concerned none of these is a competitor to ARRSE or RR - rather they are extremely complimentary. In fact forums tend to feed off each other. Witness ARRSE, RR, RearParty and E-goat for instance.
  17. Yep, lack of DII is a problem. Even Collingwood, heart iof the WE world, hasn't got DII, and wont have it for another year!
  18. Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

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