Here we go again...


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Yet again parts of the country are let down by money grabbin' shareholders who fail to show any investment and resilience when faced with the inevitable drought this rain sodden country faces year after fecking year.

Defra urges water companies to beef up drought resilience - 20 May 2011 - News from BusinessGreen

It now seems a 'good idea' to deny farmers water. So what the feck do we eat with our glass of butt water collected out of our gutters??? Oh yeah, lets import yet more fecking food and even water and let our natural resources drain off down the road and ultimately out of our own pockets.

Jeez this country is fucked!


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It snows and the UK is buggered....
It rains and the UK is buggered...
Sun shines and the UK is buggered....

Anything apart from a big grey cloud over the country and it's buggered.

You've got to laugh, not as if it's the first time the UK has ever had a bit of weather.


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Meanwhile the North of the UK is awash with fresh water, we give billions of pounds in aid to line the pockets of the corrupt or for them to buy munitions to stay in power or build their Palaces with.

Just think of the Canal system from North to South the aid money could build, gains all round for water distribution, goods delivery to take some of the big stuff off of the roads and leisure.

Not to mention the huge profits made by the water companies.
A national grid for water? That would require whole new massive infrastructure and a new company or companies to administer it. Guess who would pay for it?
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