Here We Go Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Wimmin should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen :1:
  2. Admire your sentiments Jimmy but I don't think that this person qualifies to be a woman :wink:
  3. Is criticism of men-only leaderships not criticism by sex, and therefore sexist?
  4. I really dislike that woman. Really really...
  5. Do you intend to do a David Owen when you give up medicine? You have my vote, not so certain about Taloolahs' though. :wink:
  6. My betting is that she would agree with all women though - two faced cow.
  7. Listen to me for one second my children, Harriet Harman is a split,therefor she has a minge and a pair of tits,therefor she is usable to empty oneself in a moment of diar need,so what this means is that uncle Norwaychris would defo throw a lenght up it, 8)

    Ps,might even kiss it at the same time i bang it, :wink:
  8. I admire your tenacity, and do not doubt your courage for one second. But you obviouly lack taste even my esteemed colleague and fellow Devonport man lsa dirty (a man of remarkably low standards) would be hard pressed to do her! :D
  9. :D trelawney126 if you had seen some of the things ive hung out of i fear you would never speak to me again, :D

    I was in Portland awaiting work up and i trapped this ferkin 20 stone thing with one leg,after negotiating her and the wheel chair to her apartment i shagged it,the things one does for Queen and country, :D
  10. Did you shag the wheelchair or the Munter? :p
  11. If my fading memory serves me correct i let her blow me whilst sat in the wheel chair and then i took her doggy doggy before emptying my well loaded sack on her lower back,or was it a facial cum shot,memorys fading,bullocks, 8)
  13. I would but I'd be so bloody annoyed if she enjoyed it!
  14. Compared with some of the refugees from the black lagoon I've encountered, she is rather fit..EG Torpoint Annie in my youth, the Apache in Derry 1962, Big Maureen from the Clachan 1972-74 - I cannot not go on, I'll be having nightmares !!!

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