Here we go again!



Christ - that'll make life so much easier - and there's not a chance Windows will cope with it!
was this done on April 1st? After all reading on it talks about an anti clockwise clock :violent1:
so if thats the case perhaps they (the conference attendees) are a little bit backwards?
It would be nice if they got their FACTS right. They also seem to have forgotten that Thatcher wouldn't fund the replacement of the atomic clock so it went to France, who have graciously (but could change the situation if they wanted to) allowed what is actually PMT (Paris Mean Time) to remain as GMT.

Of course if Mecca Mean Time (MMT) was introduced throughout the World it would make life easier in certain respects. For example intercontinental bingo would be much easier, but which Mecca would be used? One in London? Manchester? Colorado? :biggrin:


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Ah! The "Mecca" and grabagranny nites..... got to be worth a seperate thread of its own [if not already done] :thumright:
The centre of The Earth is full of molten iron...if Mecca wants to be exactly there then I've got no problem with that at all! :toilet: :tp: :ufo:
finknottle said:
I am sure that is a great comfort to the NOK of those who have been trampled to death. =)
Dying for one's faith.... and all those perpetual virgins...... Clearly some Muslims are as sex obsessed as the Church of England's Bishops.


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AfterSSE said:
Didn't there used to be a "Mecca" in Pompey, if memory serves I needed a Tie to get in......socks do come in handy.... :hockey:
Was that the place where you had to take your shoes and socks off and then have a wash before you could get in? :lol:
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