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Here goes!


War Hero
Always-a-Civvy. am of the latter, but don't have a beard or moustache, despite my avatar!
Stripey-G-nice piccie, but nothing like me (except own a pair of black stockings!). Yes am a nurse, but I have a funny feeling the girl in your picture gets paid a WHOLE lot more than me mate!


wet_blobby said:
I still cant get over the "RM" bit, bet it hurts Jack.

Aussiepint cant have a preference for whoever he wants W_B Jack's got thick skin.

As said in lil's aussie welcome and enjoy


War Hero
Book Reviewer
aussiepint said:
Thanks mikh! OK, I give in gang, I love all the Royal Navy, especially.......?

Hehe... I bet you've only been with a commando - 45 Commando! Or you went with an RO once... RO7!!

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