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Stripey_G said:
josiecats said:
Silk flowers are best Lamri they last for ever..........
they bring a smile ,,a promise of love ever lasting...
and if the wife is happy then the home is happy
a happy home is a quiet home.....

And we all know YOU men like a quiet life... :lol: :twisted:

Have you know that my house is very quiet and happy :) :) cos there's no friggin woman in there!!!! (and no flowers silk or otherwise)

So true. Not sure about the flowers though. JC, you really must buy ORCHIDS - they flower for months on end and with TLC re-flower. Silk flowers on the other hand fade, remain the same, and gather dust. They also remind me of the plastic confections in various Aunts houses when I grew up... symbolising dreariness, drabness, religious fundamentalism, sadism and Plymouth! :( :wink: :? :lol: ...though not necessarily all at the same time :roll:


War Hero
windygale said:
Josiecats - isn't a quiet life the thing you have before marriage - a bit like sex really !!

I always wanted to know what they put in wedding cakes to make women stop wanting sex (or as they call it, making Love !! )

And as for silk flowers, round my way they don't grow at the roadside like dafodils and snowdrops

Well then all i can say is that i never had any wedding cake................ :wink:

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