Herald: "Should Women Serve In Combat Roles?"

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by soleil, Apr 6, 2014.

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    "The Army should "seriously consider" lifting its ban on women serving in combat roles in line with other countries, the chief of the general staff has said.

    General Sir Peter Wall told The Sunday Times the British Army is in a minority of other armies because of the rule and offering all roles to women would make it "look more normal to society"."

    Should women serve in combat roles? | Plymouth Herald
  2. They, the bosses, look at this about every five years or so. Whilst not taking anything away from our female members, many do serve in an active role on the front line, Medics and Pilots for example. If we went to war would pusser take all the girls off ships? Of course they wouldn't, the ship could not sail without them. As for the more physical elements, carrying heavy kit etc, there are some men who cannot pass the required standards, but, that doesn't make them bad at their jobs.
  3. There is no valid reason why women can't serve in combat roles. The usual tropes will be trotted out by the insecure though.
  4. It does if their job is carrying heavy kit etc.
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  5. If only there was some way to be able to test a given person's ability to carry heavy kit. I suppose we've just got to wait until medical science advances to the point that such a test becomes possible.
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  6. I see you edited that before I had a chance to respond.

    Quote from onions - 'As for the more physical elements, carrying heavy kit etc, there are some men who cannot pass the required standards, but, that doesn't make them bad at their jobs.'

    My response was to that bit - if someone's job was carrying heavy kit etc, not being able to would make them bad at their jobs.

    You'll also note that the quoted bit mentioned men and that I made no mention of women.

    So, was I pedantic enough?
  7. It is hard wired into the head of a bloke to protect womenfolk. To put women forward and place them in need of perceived protection could have undesirable consequences. Blokes are known to do irrational but heroic feats for their mates an comrades. Would the feats become more irrational and fatal if the "protect the woman" effect clicked In? I don't know but that could be one hell of an expensive experiment. eg To Protect and Defend

    Of course, the same argument could be levelled at shirt lifters serving in forward positions taking unjustified risks to himself and others to protect another or others he's taken a particular "shine" to. That experiment is now in progress, though.

    Additionally, women seem to be differently "wired" to responding to danger or exercising controlled aggression. Another field experiment worth taking? BBC News - Men and women 'respond differently to danger' and Are There Differences between the Brains of Males and Females? for example.

    Is that the sort of response our dapperly dressed pirate comrade was looking for?
  8. Yep. Same old argument that doesn't stand up in reality.

    Women already serve in many combat roles successfully. It's misplaced bravado and insecurity that has people chucking one up at the thought. You just have to dredge up discussions on women attempting AACC and P Coy as examples of that.
  9. have single sex units?

    Hope the bosses do not see this as anther reason to reduce manning levels?
  10. War is not an equal opportunity employer....if the required standard is achieved by the person, then no probs,,crack on
    The problem is when the training for the role is classed as "Gender Specific", ie have to be able to run fast with a heavy weight on the back, in such cases, a slower, lower standard is implemented to allow females to serve alongside males who have achieved the initial standard.

    Women in front line combat roles must be able to achieve the same standard as the men....if not, is the MoD going to be liable in court for sending sub-standard troops into the combat role?
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  11. Agreed.

    Meet the standard? Crack on.
  12. How high are the standards for the Combat Cleaning branch?
  13. Excellent contribution..now fu*k off with your crayons...the grown ups are talking!!
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  14. I suppose being of the old brigade I have rather outdated opinions, however, I have served in combat at sea with females and I for one would not hesitate to do so again. On a personal note I remember back in the old days on a Leander, major machinery space fire at sea, fcuk me glad I wasn't in one of the teams that went down into the engine room not once but twice to extinguish the fire.
    A couple of years later a similar fire engulfed HMS Ashanti, this time they battened down the hatches to the engine room killing the lads below when they steam drenched. Not sure if I could have done that if it had been some of my girlies down there.
    Just me, but my girl is serving now and I know she'd say "fcuk off dad" its what I'm paid for - and that makes me so fcuking proud.
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  15. Grown-ups? Get a ****in' grip.

    It's the same arguments that have been trotted out every time the subject of women in combat crops up.

    Most agreeing that if they can meet the same standards then crack on. Some dissenting.

    And the occasional unrecognised joke that somebody bites at, on this occasion, it's you.

    Let's hope all your future posts are textual gold dust, eh?
  16. They always are..can't see that changing..."Joke"..is where people laugh...your comment was just plain yawn !!
  17. Maybe you've spent too much time with helmets.
  18. It's a cultural thing. If it was hardwired, it would exist everywhere, but it doesn't. Even if it were hardwired, so what? A modern military spends a lot of time beating people's natural reactions out of them (for example, the reaction not to run towards people who are shooting at you).
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  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm of the opinion, like most, that if you're up to the standard you're good to go.

    From a cadet perspective, some of the best, most professional and fittest section commanders I've worked with have been female. Not exactly the same thing, but it is virtually the same training as regular soldiers in parts.

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  20. Is the female fitness test times same as the males now or do they still get a lot longer ?

    Finished with main motors and steering

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