Herald (Scotland): "Trident Sub Crippled In Accident"

Hardly newsworthy, and certainly not a scary moment for the crew, I suspect, neither a cause of embarrasment for the MOD. We seem to be immersed in Journalistic crap, statistics are meaningless, "Experts" in every single field one can imagine who speak with authority and know absolutely nothing about what their talking about......my teas going cold!


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A "scary moment for the crew"? What?! For goodness' sake, precisely who does John Large think he's trying to frighten/impress, suggesting that RN Submariners are going to panic over something as small as this? Clearly he thinks the RN just force those poor, put-upon fellows into the boats with no training whatsoever...

Caught props are a not unheard of occurrence from the little I know from friends in the Merchant Navy, merely a "shrug, sigh and get on with it" problem. I would have thought a tangled prop would merit even less of a reaction from RN Submariners.

John Ainslie co-ordinator of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said:
“The loss of power on HMS Vengeance could have left the vessel at the mercy of the wind and the tide … it is a frightening prospect.”
What on earth is this twit on about? Loss of power? If power was lost, how did Vengeance "limp back" to Gareloch?

I'm ashamed of the Herald. "Limping", "red faces", "crippled", quoting unofficial sources... shoddy journalism of the highest order, to be avoided by anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together. Pi$$es me off, this kind of sensationalist crap :evil5:


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One-eye said:
sometimes known as “egg whisks”.
...by people who don't know their 4r5e from their elbow....
"Experts say the boat will probably now be powered by the auxiliary motors to avoid further damage to the propulsor .... sometimes known as the "meatmincer" or "big whirlything at the back" ......

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