Herald Scotland: "Nuclear Sub Facility Cost May Top £236m"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The MOD should use this as an excuse to pull the pin and relocate out of scotland.

    **** the SNP and the ungrateful jocks, relocate the submarines to somewhere else, be that Haverford west, Falmouth, Guz or Liverpool.
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  2. Well given that the polls consistently say that there is an overwhelming support within Scotland to stay in the Union I don't think there is any need to '**** the ungrateful Jocks'.
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  3. I hope that Scotland gets its independence then we can all sit back and laugh as Scotland falls on its arse
  4. Simultaneously to the Scottish having a referendum on whether they want to remain part of the Union i want the English to have a referendum on whether we want the Scots to continue to be part of the union

    Its time for the FRISPS to start selling themselves to us English - upto press they are not making a very good job of it
  5. I am at a complete loss to understand this animosity towards the Scots, what have we ever done to you apart from taking your women?
  6. Oh be fair, they did give us lots of sheep in the mid 1700s.
  7. And probably a more important gift. Tartan patterned air bags for Landrovers.
  8. Rigsby does have a point though, think about it, the Jocks, Taffs and Paddies all have their own little assemblies/parliaments and representation in Westminster, they got to vote on what affects them as an individual member of the union, but at the same time they get to vote on what affects only England, but the English have to lump it

    In 2014, north of the wall they will get a vote on if they will remain part of the union or break up the union, but the vast majority of those in the union do not have a say in the matter. The SNP like to say they are sick of the English telling them what to do (Ha the last labour gruberment was run by the jocks, and look at the mess they made) so lets keep the theme running and have a referendum in England to see if WE want to remain part of the union, watch the b'stards panic then
  9. Easy solution to that. You vote for the English Democrats instead of continually voting for Unionist Parties. But seeing as the English Democrats polled 64,826 votes (0.3 percent of the entire English vote) in the last general election there doesn't appear to be much appetite for it.
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  10. In my experience I'm afraid to say it was the other way round Caledonie bop Thurs night if you went home alone you were bent
  11. That is such a bone statement that i am almost at a loss for words as to how to reply to it - short of being insulting but then you are a jock so that explains a lot
  12. It is hardly surprising the Eng Dems only got a small % of the vote as they are BNP Lite.
  13. Why the Midlothian question has not been sorted out by successive politicians aka ******* beggars belief. It's simple enough, only English MP's vote on matters that only affect England.
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  14. Oh well, you can gargle on my carroty Scottish cock instead then you big angry Englishman you:love4:
  15. and a happy one after the Dublin game:icon_smile:
  16. Sorry Mr Rigsby I meant to add that was my 'miniscule' carroty scottish cock! Sorry ref the rugby, still haven't got the English supporting habit despite 27 years of living, borrowing from and drinking with you bastards!
  17. Don't think Scotland will leave the union in our lifetime. Think both sides of the border just like making noise about it. Even politicians seem to love the love/hate relationship England and Scotland have.

    Purely from a naval point of view (not that I'm actually in the Navy) does it make sense to have all the Boats based in one place? For something as elusive as a Submarine it seems ironic to want to stick them all in the same place?
  18. True, you have never heard of Guzz.
  19. I would like the Union to remain

    I think that the 2 countries are stronger because of the Union than without it

    Perhaps it is just me but the 'nay sayers' appear to shout louder than the rest of us

    i have Scottish family (north of Inverness), was based in Arbroath/Coulport for some 7 years and aside from when discussing football or Devolution (max or otherwise) all was rosey between the 'two sides'

    i just get fed up with all the gobbing off about how shit the Union is and yet hear nothing about how good it is.

    yes i read the papers but the real worry to me are the f*cktards who do not read the papers and just listen to the one sided rhetoric on the radio/TV (BTW reading the Sun does not count as reading a newspaper) and will then vote based upon what they have been told and not what they have 'determined' for themselves.

    on the plus side perhaps they will be too idle to vote but i doubt it

    i fear that the drive for Independence is taken up/viewed by many Scots as being based upon some gilded framed image of Mel Gibson impersonating William Wallace standing on top of some munro somewhere sticking 2 fingers up to the sassanachs and shouting 'fook off ya bastards'. An amusing image for sure but not one to base the future economic well being of 2 countries on i think.

    anyway rant over and back to work.
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