Herald (Scot): "Brown will commit to fleet of warships"

NotmeChief said:
That's the first time I have heard '2' ships called a fleet.
It's a good plan for "bigging up" the RN though if you can get away with it - before long, provided no-one challenges it, and no-one has the thought to actually count them, we could be back to having a Home Fleet, an Atlantic Fleet, a Mediterranean Fleet, an Indian Ocean Fleet and a Pacific Fleet - oh the glory days again!!!!
Where is this "fleet" likely to built and for that matter, where are the carriers likely to be built? Brown's constituency? Or maybe I'm just a nasty cynic.

If these carriers etc are built, the next generation of boats will not be. This country simply cannot afford both of them and if the next generation isn't built then that will be the end of the Uk's submarine capability for good. The cost of bringing it back is prohibitive and we will lose all the expertise (such as it is with BAE and RR but they are learning) overseas. Who here fancies a joint European submarine force?