Herald (Sco): "Plan For Submarine Museum To Open In Time For Summer"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. "It is a proposal that has resurfaced time and time again over the years.

    But a plan to create a Scottish submarine museum on the banks of the Clyde Estuary could finally become reality within months.

    The Scottish Submarine Trust, which had wanted to open a national museum in Helensburgh by 2016, has brought forward its plans and says the attraction will welcome its first visitors when the Commonwealth Games begin in July.

    It is planned that the museum, which will include a 39-tonne submarine as its star attraction as well as an electronic memorial to more than 5000 submariners who have died while serving in the Royal Navy, will attract up to 12,000 visitors a year."

    Plan for submarine museum to open in time for summer | Herald Scotland

  2. If it goes ahead it should have a statue of Big Nance at the entrance, she "knew" more submariners than any historian ever did!
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  3. Hey Wrecks, I lived in Helensburgh from Aug 1974 Til Sept 2001. Can't say I ever knew a 'Big Nance' . But I know there were plenty of her kind ready to accommodate any Submariners Torpedo.
    Must say though wrecks that I have the most terrible memory for names (including my own sometimes)

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  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    A very good gateguard would be a full size dummy of a Trident missile.

    It would cheer up Wee Eck no end.
  6. Heyup RN(ret'd). Can only recall ever being in the Imps on a handful of occasions. My local watering hole was the Argyle Bar. Right next to the Gas Holder. The [email protected]@king Imps was always full of matelots and drunken Jockroaches.

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  7. Haha! Yes mate - Argyle was a quiet one. Only went in there when i was in hiding :)
  8. I think a Submarine museum in the Burg is a great idea.

    It will continually remind the entire West of Scotland what they had, should Wee Eck get his evil way....

    Serious bit - where are they going to put it? Not near the pier where the supermarket is/was/is/was/is/was going?
  9. Funny thing RN(Ret'd) we could have been stood side by side in the past, might even know one another, but never ever thinking of what we are doing now. My first mobile was about half the size of a brick and only MADE PHONE CALLS. its final resting place was in the Clyde right opposite the Argyll Bar.

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  10. The old church by the looks of it...
    The museum will be within the hall of the former St Columba’s Church on the edge of Helensburgh Town Centre.

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  11. There's a little video showing that bar on YouTube, Wrecker2.


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