Herald (S): "Jinxed Nuclear Submarine’s Malfunction Could Have Killed Entire Crew"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, May 10, 2011.

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  1. I have to say that is a load of scaremongering bollocks. If/when you lose hydraulics to the planes you switch to an air operated system. It's a drill constantly practiced in the simulator and at sea. Water flow over the planes when deep is the only way back up so there are back-ups for just this eventuality.

    Another non-story blown out of proportion
  2. John Large again spouting off about something of which he knows nothing.

  3. He and the writer of that article seem to work in tandem. One of them writes the articles and the other one always gets quoted in them.
  4. I think it's a case of Large being so willing to get his name in the press in order to validate his spurious claims to actually know anything about submarines, that he can be guaranteed to say the sort of things that reporters (perhaps with an agenda of their own) like to use to make their stories appear to be well-researched.
  5. << One insider told the Sunday Herald that the captain, Commander Iain Breckenridge, had “no confidence in the performance of the vessel”.>>

    If that thought should have ever crossed his mind, would he:

    a. Still be driving it?
    b. Utter those words aloud?
    b. Utter those words within earshot of any 'insider' likely to convey them to the press?


    Poetic journalism at it's lowest ebb.:pukeleft:
  6. Anything with the word 'Astute' in it will be news worthy to the press mongers.

    If the Astute was to berth on a Friday the thirteenth it would be front page!!!!

    As for any serving captain saying anything regards lack of confidence in his vessel would be tantamount to falling on his ceremonial sword.

    The space in the paper would have been better served in advertising some perfume or something.
  7. To me, that sounds like the sort of stock phrase that is included on an opdef signal. If I was the person looking for the source of this, I would be concentrating on the commcen.
  8. Shock horror.

    The families of the printers of the "Herald" News paper could have starved to death after the the battery charger to the laptop of the famous investagative reporter John Large failed, it is alleged.

    It was a very serious situation an unidentifed union spokesperson said. Without a story to print our printers could be out of work and not get paid, many families are at risk of starvation.

    PC World have not commented on the alleged failure of the charger.

    The Laptop had a battery back up and the story was printed.

    A full investigation will be held it is reported.

    More twoddle will be written in due course after repairs have been made.
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  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    More misinformed pish, this is starting to become a habit.

    I can't be arsed going through it all, but this one stuck out,

    The Royal Navy operates 10 other nuclear-powered submarines out of Faslane, including four Vanguard class boats, which carry Trident nuclear missiles.

    Good one Rob Edwards, do you still have your membership?
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  10. Rob is "a freelance environmental journalist, based in Edinburgh" who likes " muckraking."

    That might explain why his stories are full of shit.
  11. From where does this bloke Large get all his "submarine expertise"? He's got degrees in everything, but no mention of any boat he ever served on. Apparently he has "advised governments on submarine safety ". If he reads this, would he please tell is which ones, and where he learnt about submarines ?
    (PS I wrote to Tony Blair once, but I'd hardly call myself a "political adviser".)
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. Maybe some part three had opened up the x-connect. between the telemotor accumulator and the SR's Courage Sparkling gas systems.=-(
  14. I happen to know Ian Breckenridge and if I was that "insider" or even the reporter I'd be afraid, very afraid. Sleeping with one eye open is not an option.
  15. Scouse Edwards early years:

    1977-78: Organiser, Scottish Campaign to Resist the Atomic Menace (SCRAM)
    1978-80: Campaigns Organiser, Shelter (Scotland)
    1980-83: Research Assistant to Robin Cook MP
    1981-83: Scottish Correspondent, Social Work Today
    1982-85: Co-ordinator, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) at Sizewell Inquiry

    Says it all really :plotting:
  16. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah, sensationalist journalism at it's best. Christ almighty, the Herald USED to be a reasonable newspaper (from what I remember of my mum talking about it). Would appear it isn't so any more.

    I am steadily losing faith in the apparent excellence of British journalism. Private Eye is one of the most informative papers to read, I've found!

    And by the way, who is this John Large character? Is he an "hexspert" of the highest water? Wikipedia calls him an "independent nuclear engineer and analyst" which is about as informative as saying he has been on a tour of Hinkley Point a few times.
  17. John Large

    A self-promoting academic who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.
  18. "John Large is a nationally and internationally recognised professional, consulting engineer who, not infrequently, contributes inaccurate comment and uninformed opinion on nuclear and technical matters to lazy jounalists and anyone else who is prepared to pay him to do so." - said a MoD spokesperson (who has had the misfortune to come across him)

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