Herald: "Plymouth Should Be Base For New Combat Ships, Says City MP"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. Soliel was it a definate case of the plural (Frigates) or was it the singular "Frigate" :-D:-D
  2. Sadly more definitive. Devonport has been living on borrowed time. Kept going by both political parties as the current unemployment costs would be higher than pretending to keep it open.
  3. Recall seeing somewhere that without dredging the entry channels the new carriers wouldnt be able to get into devonport but would be fine with Portsmouth. Forget where I saw it though. Might have been an RR thread way back.

    The Submarines will all be up at Faslane before too long so I wonder whats in store for Devonport. Would be a huge blow to Plymouth if they lose that
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  4. Unfortunately both Culdrose and Yeovilton have been kept artificially open to create local employment. Fine when the coffers were full. Now?
  5. So according to you all naval bases apart from Pompey are only open for political reasons. Not a Pompey rating by any chance?
  6. Isnt Devonport where the main Nuclear Submarine repair facility is for the UK? Again just something I saw somewhere. If I'm wrong then apologies. I just find the talk of Devonport being doomed as interesting. I have family and friends in Guzz whose jobs are partly affected by the dockyards.

    Without the Navy Plymouth would become even more like Dawn of the Dead. Though I do pity the entire city for having my ex living there :p
  7. Toulon has excellent facilities. Much cheaper to have all Nato nuclear submarines serviced there. The French are well ahead of us in nuclear technology. It looks as if they will build our next generation of nuclear power stations. A horrible thought but probably true
  8. It would be a crying shame to loose any of the facilities and the loyal workforce in Devonport. During Corporate ships were being converted and turned around with the tides. As a nation we sadly do not have the finances to service a large fleet. What we can do is spread the finances amongst the best suited bases and retain what expertise we can afford. Devonport, Portsmouth, Rosyth and Faslane have served our sea going vessels well and in times of national crisis have repeatedly come up to the mark when the chips have been down. All deserve some crumbs from the Defence budget. QED
  9. Perhaps it would make survival possible by having specializations for the various locations? Increases the importance of each while spreading out the costs. Im just speculating really. Have fond memories of childhood visits to Plymouth when family holidayed down south. Loved seeing all the RN Ships
  10. It breaks my heart to see the deterioration of Plymouth and its Dockyard. Born and bred in Plymouth with a familly who served the Royal Navy since the 1700's.
    Before Ivor Dewdney monopolised St Leven's Gate the pigs trotter vendors, mostly ex-navy chefs, supplemented their pensions handsomely.
  11. Scouse, you are correct in that Devonport is the only nuclear submarine refit facility although Faslane has limited repair capacity.

    Canteenflat. Cheaper to reift in France, oh really. How do you work that out. France ahead of us in nuclear technology? where do you get that from. As usual your talking bollocks.
  12. Thanks for that Wrecker. I thought In was going mad then as couldnt find the article Id read :)
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Devonport will be kicking around for a long time decommissioning cores and conducting LOP(R)'s. With the design and fitting of core H the workload will just be reduced.

  14. Devonport won't go. It'll be RM Devonport firstly. All Amphibian Ships will remain there and everything Amphibian will move there.

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