Herald: "Plymouth Royal Navy Medic's Incredible Bravery Has Been Honoured In New Portrait"


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"A Royal Navy medic from Plymouth has been honoured with a portrait to celebrate her extraordinary bravery in Afghanistan.

Kate Nesbitt, who is now a Chief Petty Officer (Medical Technician), ran across 70 metres of open ground peppered with enemy fire to reach Lance Corporal John List, of 1st Battalion, The Rifles, during a patrol in Afghanistan in 2009.

The young combat medic ... was on her first overseas assignment. She spent 45 minutes stemming the blood loss from the soldier’s gaping wounds and constructing an artificial opening to allow him to breathe, thus saving his life.

Nearly a decade later, thanks to funding from the Gosling Foundation and Greenwich Hospital Trust, Nick Bashall, one of the country’s leading portrait and battlefield artists was commissioned to recreate Kate’s bravery on canvas."




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This is great but I have a slight problem with the reporting :confused:

Third paragraph:
"The young combat medic was the first woman to ever enter the Royal Navy and was on her first overseas assignment."

Still, it's 'The 'errol' I suppose.
I've come to expect that sort of thing :rolleyes:


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Standby "propaganda" posts from Panelpin:rolleyes:

I've met Kate a couple of times, she's a lovely girl...and tiny considering all the gear she had to carry when she was over there.