Herald: "Plymouth Military Personnel Living At Hotel - No Beds At Devonport

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. I worked one summer on a tri-service base and this happened all the time. Granted only a few were 'long term' recipients, but every person coming to the base for a course, a week etc was issued with a form over that 4 month period. Cannot remember the exact name but it allowed them to stay locally wherever and claim the money back, all because the new SLA was woefully short of accommodation. Why/how is it a threat to local people or whatever they called it?
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    Nothing new, anecdotally, it's been happening in Portsmouth for long enough with the Holiday Inn taking the overflow although not for ship's company, only those on short stays, course, meeting etc.

    I once stayed in a pongo sergeants' mess where the overflow accommodation was portacabins with multiple beds and a cold walk to the ablutions cabin. Luxury.
  3. How on earth are local residents being put at risk?!

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  4. I am guessing some think it will thus become a target and doesn't have the same security as a designated base. Whilst that may make some sense, if they hadn't publicised their whereabouts in this article few people would have known anyway.
  5. Because the Nuclear Authorised Naval Base a mile down the road doesn't attract any risk whatsoever.
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  6. The usual top notch defence reporting from The 'errol.

    "Squaddies" FFS
  7. Hopefully they have some sort of security there? I don't agree that them being in the hotel poses a risk to the community; but I bet thats the rationale the small group of the community who manage to always be heard think.
  8. No rounds, bed made for you, free internet, cheers easy.
  9. Interesting one.

    The RN tends not to own its own cars these days and leases pool cars for duty use as it is CHEAPER than owning then outright.

    I have not seen any analysis, but if 'we' had accommodation to deal with the maximum surge capacity, then that would mean empty rooms at other times. I just wonder if having a fairly small percentage of people in hotels at £100 a night might be CHEAPER than building accommodation and having the cleaning staff etc. The reason for accommodation shortages is that many of the smaller bases in the main base areas have closed which saves/saved money anyway. When a business person from a large company travels on 'temporary duty' a company like IBM doesn't build and staff an accommodation block, it puts its people into a hotel.

    As for the fillet steak article, I would point out that UK Day Subsistence is £20 (not £25 as quoted in the article) and is based on the principle that it should fund an equivalent meal to that which would be available from service messing facilities - not unreasonable, I would suggest.

    I have been in a hotel for my last 2 duty trips - one to Faslane during exercise Joint Warrior (would you really expect there to be enough accommodation to cope with all of the exercise staff and hangers on to available all of the time?), and one to Northwood which has just had yet another organization based there so it is hardly surprising they don't have enough accom.

    I didn't notice any local reaction in Watford (although the Italian restaurant did seem happy that I was spending my full allowance with them topped up from my own money as is my choice), but in Faslane the hotelier was of the view that it was MOD overflow that kept him in business through the winter months and was very happy.

    If only the good people of Plymouth would realise that the military using their hotels is good news for the local economy not bad. As for 'increased risk' - laughable.
  10. Just re-read the Herald article:

    “They seemed to be enjoying themselves. They told me some of them were going to Nando's every night,” he said.
    “In a time of defence cutbacks sticking 50 squaddies in a hotel seems like madness.

    Enjoying themselves!!! How dare they. They'll be quick to want those same 'squaddies' wading around the Somerset levels if it keeps raining wont they. A slighlty less enjoyable way to spend their time.
  11. How dare they enjoy themselves?! I expect them to be at a moments notice to fight for our country in horrific conditions but am shocked that they'd be allowed to live like this when they aren't deployed! They should be off fighting for our liberty, not enjoying any of their own!

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  12. This problem has come about because every SLA project was done on a shoestring. They built around about enough bedspaces without much in the way of contingency. Just about every base in every area is struggling to accommodate people. This is compounded by the fact that the hierarchy constantly close bases and move units to new sites without even stopping to wonder if there's accommodation available.

    The RN is the smallest it's ever been and we can't accommodate everyone. Mental!

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  13. SEP86 - Has DS changed recently cos it was £25 the last time I claimed (Oct 13) and for the previous 3 years.

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  14. What has happenned to the matelot of today?
    Spending £20 of steak, in our day we would have invested £5 on food at maccyDs or the local chippy and invested £15 in brewery shares:toothy8:
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  15. This is a bit like the Tommy poem by Rudyard Kipling
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    apologies for the source of the link ....... :icon_smile:
  17. The comments put in the Daily Mail by the readers would seem to support the idea of sticking the military in hotels...it's only the reporters that are wording things in an attempt to stir things up, as usual.

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