Herald: "No action over submarine deaths"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. As already predicted on an earlier frorum about SCOGS by Wtecker and Witsend. Why did they even bother to hold an inquest. Could have saved money that way too. :evil:
  2. The H & S Executive said they couldn't act because the incident happened away from the UK.Given that the only time SCOGS are used is when a boat is at sea(away from the UK) it would appear the same thing could happen again and no-one would be prosecuted or censored.A deplorable state of affairs meaning submariners could be subject to all manner of danger whilst at sea and there be no comeback for anyone shoreside when things go badly wrong.
  3. Ah, but it didn't. The 'incident' was the falsification of documents, and the provision of equipment which was not fit for use.

    Unfortunately, I cannot escape the conclusion that some culpability lies with those onboard.
  4. Whatever happened to the concept of a warship being "British sovereign territory", or does that only apply to the apprehension of felons ? A convenient cop out methinks - unless SgtP or one of our Reggie fraternity can clarify that particular legal nasty ?
  5. Ermm food for several thoughts here!!
    So a RN ship deployed to where ever doesn't belong to the UK but to what ever country the port belongs to its tied up at or what ever waters it is operating in. Is that right? Krapp!!
  6. A fair question but how about the Boat that may or may not have landed stores with no documents or incorrect documents? Remember that these were not Permanent items.

    This event seems to be a classic case of a chain of weaknesses lining up at the point of a major failure. It would be so easy to hang the poor sod who was in MESH IPT out to dry but he only “owns†the item. All the other bits that slotted together are owned by various other people.

    Accidents do still happen.
  7. All very good and valid points. I believe the 'poor sod' in question, whom I have met, to be blameless. There were, however, opportunities which were missed where someone could have refused to allow some of these stores to be used, most (but not ultimately) in the supply chain.
  8. Thought it rang a bell somewhere: Roderick Newall, wanted for the murder of his parents in Jersey, was taken aboard ARGONAUT 150 miles SW of Gibraltar from his yacht late Jul/early Aug 1992 and charged with murder by detectives on board - precedent maybe ?
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Very murky subject indeed.

    Edit, yes the law only applies ????????

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