Herald: "Navy Ships Leave Plymouth Ahead Of Joint Warrior Military Exercise"

"Several Royal Navy warships from Portsmouth are gearing up for a large naval exercise.

Helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious left the city yesterday, bound for Scotland, where the war games will take place.

She will be joined by HMS Dauntless, Dragon, Kent, Chiddingfold, and Ledbury, plus numerous other ships which are based elsewhere."

HMS Illustrious leaves Portsmouth for large naval exercise - Portsmouth News

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"The crew of a Skye fishing boat had a lucky escape this week when their net snagged on a seabed wreck in the Minch because an ongoing military exercise had jammed all GPS signals in the area.

Alasdair Montgomery’s 18-metre Uig-based vessel ‘Content’ was fishing for prawns some 15 miles off Rhu Reidh lighthouse in Wester Ross when the incident happened, at 1.30pm on Tuesday of this week. Five crew were on board."

Lucky escape for Skye fishing boat as military jam signals |

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