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Herald: "MP Has No Right To Wear Marine Tie"


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If it was good enough for Jimmy Saville then DELETED BY MODS

I want to know what was deleted


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Perhaps the MP has a family connection to the Corps, perhaps the tie was a gift from a Royal Marine individual or unit.

The protester may protesteth too much.

Semper Viglo

Bloke who wrote that letter needs to get a life!

Perhaps the MP who purchased the tie, made some sort of donation to a relevant RM so doing done some good!
"Hasn't earned the right to wear it"

Oh please, that's just bollocks it's a ******* tie. Some people need to lighten up.


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"Hasn't earned the right to wear it"

Oh please, that's just bollocks it's a ******* tie. Some people need to lighten up.


Whilst former or current service personnel are, in my opinion, right to condemn those who adopt a 'Walter Mitty' persona for personal gain (ranging from kudos to financial) there are those that seem to get a little too precious unnecessarily.

Whilst the pride of those who achieve trained status is understandable, there has to be a sensible balance.

Nowadays potential Royals get drilled not to wear any Corps emblem on their clothing as they "haven't earned it". Yet those who pass PRMC are/were given Tee Shirts with "Potential Royal Marine" emblazoned on it and there were still boneheads who bleated about it being "wrong". There's a common myth that if a potential recruit so much as touches a green beret they're 'cursed' never to earn one. Not so long-ago there was a range of Commando-badged civilian casual clothing launched by a retail outlet, with the permission of the Corps, a percentage of the proceeds going to the RMCTF - but there were that many small-minded howls of protest (oddly enough, some from people who hadn't even joined the Corps) - that the range was ditched.

Pride is understandable and justified, but this should be tempered by the fact 'humility' is supposed to be one of the "commando" qualities and it's all beginning to get a little too hysterical - at the same time depriving the Corps the oxygen of publicity to entice recruits.

It's the Royal Marines, not the Dark Lord, who's name shall not be mentioned.


Perhaps the MP has a family connection to the Corps, perhaps the tie was a gift from a Royal Marine individual or unit.

The protester may protesteth too much.

I have seen other RM ties presented as gifts to allow the recepient when asked, to explain his association with the Corps.

I know the father of a Bootneck who was sadly killed, he is an associate member of the RMA and he wears his son's tie.

There are many reasons for wearing a tie other than having been a Bootneck.

What constitutes the right to wear one? :roll:
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I fully concur with Ninja's post. It' getting farcical. I grew up running around playing soldiers with a wooley pulley complete with Commando flashes on my shoulders, I wasn't a trainee Walt, my old fella was to tight to buy me clothes so I got pussers cast offs. :(

It's not as if the MP is wearing a STC tie is it? (Not that many newspapers would pick up on it if he did.)
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