Herald: "Military And Civilian Police Lock Down Plymouth Pubs In Hunt For Drugs"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. soleil

    soleil War Hero


    SARKING War Hero

    F my tall hat...Seems like a bit of a waste of time,money and resources. And it appears the dog was furious.:rofl:
  3. clanky

    clanky War Hero

    It seems like a lot of resources expended to catch one stoner.

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  4. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    What if they'd caught a hundred, would that be better for you?
  5. Rachelthree

    Rachelthree War Hero

    Oh no poor Guzzler will be without his meds now :(
  6. Guzzler

    Guzzler War Hero

    Read about this in a copy of the 'erald down the pub a while ago, and must say I thought it was a pretty stupid PR exercise. Obviously I don't know the whole story but if it is just a couple of people having a smoke it is a very heavy hammer to crack a pretty insignificant nut when there are real criminals to arrest (admittedly most are in Whitehall), but if it is actually some serious dealers fine - crack on plod (no pun).

    What R3? Just alcohol and dreaming of you are my drugs of choice.
  7. clanky

    clanky War Hero

    Of course not. That doesnt mean that expending this much manpower to catch one user isnt a spectacular home goal for the boys in blue. TBH if I was to **** up that royally I wouldnt then choose to brag about it in the press.
    I've also got reservations about this as a civil liberty issue, but its alright cos drugs is evil innit!
    My final issue with this is that a navy with only 19 DD/FF can still afford to pay people to dream this NCIS shit up.
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  8. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    looks like the cat got out of the bag before the plod(s) 'saddled up'
  9. FunkyJunky

    FunkyJunky War Hero

    lets be honest, union street/plymouth is nothing for a night out like it was 15 years ago.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It was difficult to survive down there 40 years ago :shock:
  11. Sharkey

    Sharkey Banned

    Hello chaps, Hugh Jarce, Navy Police, you may think that 40 of us raiding every pub and club on Union street and searching hundreds of people for one arrest was a waste of time and money, well it wasn't, this was all about building relationships, and I'm pleased to announce that Bernard from the British transport Police has asked me to marry him
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  12. Platelayer

    Platelayer Midshipman

    A marriage made in Union street! Can't be legal!

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