Herald: "BRNC Closure Would Kill Town Stone Dead"

StixJimboRM said:
Mr Rendle said:
He said it [...] plays a major part in the 'status' of the town. "Many of the people who come here to rent and buy expensive properties have a relationship and affection for the college."
Bit like Oldham without the expensive housing. Housing benefit knows no richness. 8)
Driffield had a large army base up until about 20 years ago and when it shut down the town died,took about 10 years to get back to a good state but its there now. Tradition counts for nothing and what has BRNC Dartmouth apart from an old building not fit for purpose? Shut it down and move it to Guzz, Pompey or Faslane at least there are ships and submarines based there (standfast pompey)

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