Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. I take it ive missed something, Has all of Hera`s threads been deleted? If so can someone explain why? Are we not allowed to post something that people dont agree with? Are conspiracy theories a No No? Can we talk about the Roswell incident? Why the censorship, this is Rum Ration, surely all points of view are valid.If a thread is not liked dont read it, if a thread is not replied to then it dies, again why the censorship? if its not applicable to that forum why not just move it?
  2. Probably because he didn`t come here looking for a rational debate but was looking for a free outlet for a CRUSADE.

    He was thrown out and quite rightly so.

    O shit, Am I a brown nose now???
  3. Hig, if you haven't figured by now that this type of thing should be PM'd to the Mod running the forum you are on. It will stop useless threads being aired and save time.
  4. Dont we have a forum called Pointless junk?
  5. Your eyes ain't painted on huh, Hig, you need to figure out what is pointless and what is causing trouble. Then you may figure out the answer to why they were deleted.

    Hera is trouble :wink:
  6. Fully agree with you JD.

    If Hera had been a Matelot or even just interested in the mob in general, and a thread had wandered in the direction of conspiracy theories then I wouldn't have a problem with that. However, if all he is interested in is conspiracy theories then he should stick with those sort of websites that accomodate his interest.
  7. I suspect you were involved then JD, Its typical you will never answer the questions that i asked, its censorship, pure and simple, if a few have complained then you have denied the rest of us from forming an opinion, that is totally uncalled for, Hera may well be trouble in your opinion, as for me, and perhaps others, you have denied us the right to form an opinion, and as for my eyes not being painted on, where do you get your witty ripostes from?


    Simply Simon (Although i am sure that you meant Simple Simon)
  8. Please go back to the opening of this forum and read who is the MOD, now I know that I am female and I am sure I have never been army, therefore, I am unable to remove anything from this forum.
  9. Dear Moderator delete this whole thread its turning into farce, all i asked was a few simple questions.Which you havent answered.
  10. Come on Hig, don't throw your teddies out the pram. Your question was answered, just re-read the thread :wink:
  11. There is no need for any of this aggro,

    Hig... Hera was found to be a waste of space on Arrse who contributed nothing and only had bullshit to spout. He seemingly wanted to try the same trick on RR. From what I gather he had nothing constructive/funny/interesting to say but did his utmost to waste everyone's time.
  12. There was no intent to cause any aggro at all, all i asked were a few simple questions. Thanks to Dunkers for explaining what happened, perhaps others on this thread could have done likewise.
  13. . From what I gather he had nothing constructive/funny/interesting to say but did his utmost to waste everyone's time.[/quote]

    all due respect but isn't that 99% of people posting 99% of the stuff on this site, myself included!?

    In a way I have to agree with hig here, 90% of what I post is a

    not constructive - t-shirts for snails

    not funny - just about all I post

    Not interesting - most of my gripping about witch bitch from sea cadets.

    Unlike some his posts weren't racist, biggoted or just plan rude and they did spark conversation.

    just my thoughts

  14. Hig mate, his last post was to tell us he had been banned from ARRSE and how at least he still had us. The whole thing, when viewed with his other VERY unsavoury posts it was almost as if he was looking for attention and to see how long he would last.

    MOD's decision was right but I'm sure he will be back under another name.

  15. Hig, JD has her rules on the QD. The place for FREE BANTER is Diamond Lil's where we can natter about anything until our hearts are contented. The QD offers a nursery for the less robust: baby matelots, sensitive matelots, most gays, nozzers, children and padres in general. DLs by contrast is the boxing ring where almost no holds barred applies.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Hig, if you visit the site that hera comes from, you'll read his/her call to arms to infest ARRSE. Hera will do the same with RR. Read the bit where hera says:

    Conspiracy Theorists' Standing Orders

    And you think binning hera is unfair/undemocratic etc? That and what other posters have said against hera and in support of the Current Affairs moderator-who isn't Jenny Dabber.

    Those '9/11' threads on ARRSE started by hera have been deleted. The remaining one to which I have contributed much by way of discrediting CTs has been locked. My replies are for the benefit of 'casual doubters' looking in. Hera and company have their minds made up.

    Hig, if you think you are missing out, read the eighty '9/11 conspiracy' pages (since 2 September) on ARRSE. There are other threads from this time last year.

    ARRSE '9/11 thread' September 06

    Or you could always debate with the CTs on their own site if you feel they have a point, otherwise let's hear no more about it.
    Edited for unbecoming spelling.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    After Hera posted his conspiracy theories I PMed him to discuss the matter but all I got was a wall of silence - not the actions of someone who wants to discuss the matter. If he had started the thread with "Anyone got any views on 9/11..." then we all could've entered into a debate. However his actions caused me to become suspicious and I notified the Moderators accordingly, who formed the same opinion as me, and believed he may have been a journalist/Walt trying to get a bite.

    If he wanted to debate the controversial subject then this is the place, but he should at least quantify why he was posting it, rather than 'cut & pasting' the information from the website he was obviously trying to promote.

    There are plenty of other forums on the Net where he publish his thoughts.
  18. And all i asked were a few simple questions, which on reflection was pretty stupid of me, and thank you AAC for informing me which forum is for what, but then as your signature says "once a pillock always a pillock" Surely the junk should go to the forum for it. Just a thought, thats all.

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