Henley - Selection Weekend

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Berksbloke, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    Well, Im giving it a go , I have spoke to the Reading AFCO , completed the paperwork and have my written tests tomorrow. I have been told there will be a holding troop running in Decemeber at Henley for Jan selection

    From reading past posts it seems selection varies by unit - anyone an idea of whats expected for Henley potential recruits ? :thumright:
  2. Very good looking barracks? That's the only thing i know by experience :nod:
  3. Pink socks for Henley isn't it?
  4. Hi Berksbloke,

    I am currently in the process for RMR Henley, I have passed the Pshycometric tests and have my medical and interview in Nov.

    Hows your training coming along for the PJFT and selection weekend.

    In regards to the selection weekend there was a rumour that it won't be until 29th Feb for London, I am trying to get confirmation on this now as I was origanlly told it would be end of Jan although the extra few weeks training would be helpful..
  5. Hello mate,

    At the moment I have just started picking up the pace for training, I tried to follow the circuit plan I had with my info pack but it killed me !!

    I have had all my paperwork done and passed the Pshycometric tests. I have the eye test tomorrow and the interview on the 8th Nov.

    To be honest , after reading the numerous threads on eyesight standards on here Im not holding much hope of passing as my contacts prescription is -7.00 in each eye and I would guess my glasses would be worse :(
  6. Hi everyone,

    Well I guess the dream of joining the RMR is over before it began !. As I suspected I had my eye test yesterday and the optician said i do not meet the standards. She suggested its still worth appealing to them as im fine with corrective lenses but unaided is poor (blind as a bat ! ).

    Im going to inform the AFCO of whats happened and cancel my interview with them seems little point going on the 8th for them to read the test result and say 'sorry pal, your too blind for us'. It strikes me its very black and white 'in or out' but do they ever consider borderline cases ?


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