Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brendan498, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. according to the times Portsmouth Based lads are43% more likely to be happily married than there devonport counterparts

    They have a life expectancy of 15 years more than Plymouth based sailiors and 25 years on Submariners

    They are regarded as the Moderate arm of the Royal Navy,dispite there more interlectuall capability,

    A Survey by the Deartment of Education suggests that children born to Portsmouth Sailiors are less likely to suffer from Irritable Bowel syndrome but are more likely to be more fertile

    Just thought it was worth considering when you are doing your DPF
  2. I read your Tips for Raleigh remarks and then saw this:

    Plymouth it is, then. :thumright:
  3. It will be all that radiation in Guzz that affects them.

  4. You have to love him. He keeps burbling about Pompey men of steel and then tries slagging off Guz ratings for their lack of intellect! His last outpouring was on the 'New Film About Veterans' thread, which was a tad weird to say the least. I'm not sure, but I think he's been in the Andrew for about five minutes.
    Have another wet, Brendan :)
  5. What are your sources? Your own imagination?
  6. Id heard "brendan" was another norm-de-plume, but surely with spelling and grammar like that he'd have to troop himself....
  7. bit longer than 5 mins Harry

  8. Bren, the article got the cities muddled up. Submariners live twice as long as Skimmies and Guzzies live 25 years longer than Pompey lads, who have ingested so many female hormones from the Pompey water supply that they're only half lads anyways (which is why their marriages last longer: half-men have a better understanding of women. :biggrin:
  9. Turn neutral then thingy and become neutral as im a Lancatrian,although i do live close to guzz

  10. Come on brendan - Lancaster is no where near guzz.
  11. true chief but before i Joined the mob i was in Lancaster at school i spent half and Half in both Guzz and Pompey with a two year re-copperation at Royal Arthur near to The Battered Army Wives CAMP but currently live in Looe

  12. Well Guzz was part of the Realm when Henry VI's House of Lancaster fought the Yorkies (and lost) ;)
  13. I cant believe no one has picked up the title of the thread, being a Guzz lad my brain automatically thought which cnut cant spell, hey ho turned out to be a dog shit city rating.
  14. i always was good at fishing

  15. thanks harry just looked at that thread personally cant see any thing thing wrong with it ,and if i can ask whats wierd about talking about veterans ,you may find comments,similar to the ones on SAMA 82 nothing personal . My opinions are my own based on experience i dont intend to change them for any one ,yet another wierd post


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