helpmyself and what i can bring

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. hi-
    have an interview tomoro and give a presentation on "myself and what i can bring to *******( and the royal navy- any ideas how i can waffle- do i go humour, or serious sell myself- not literally......
  2. What is the interview for?
  3. Mixture of both i'd say - play the crowd, see how it goes and adjust to suit if possible.

    Whatever its for hussy, good luck and relax ;)
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Quite simply, the question of "what can you bring to *****" needs answering in two parts; part 1, what are the current needs of *****, and part 2, how can you address these needs. You could then use this basic structure to answer either seriously or with a degree of humour (or even both!).

    e.g. What do I bring to the party? Based on an objective analysis of the stock levels in the kitchen, its obvious that the party is running short of booze, and I happen to have here in my bag a bottle of Pusser's finest....

    What can I offer the Canadian Safety Engineering community? The current position of safety section head has been vacant for nearly 18 months; during this time there have been numerous efforts to fill this position with people recruited from within AECL's existing staff and the wider Canadian Labour force - these efforts have not been fruitful. I am an engineer with over 20 years post-graduate experience in a variety of consultancy, management and design roles...... blah, blah, blah.

    Simply, state what you understand the question to be, and then answer it in a way the demonstrates your strengths.

    Good luck
  5. Beginning, Middle and End is always good...a bit like a story.

    Tell em, tell em and tell em again - what's that?

    At the beginning of the presentation Tell them what the presentation is about, then tell them (deliver the presentation) and tell them again at the end in a I'm going to explain my view on rum ration...rum ration is brill, i can drip all i like and no one cares, I can keep in touch with, etc, to summarise rum ration is great.

    Always be prepared to identify a weakness - everyone knows you will tell them all about the good things. Dont offer it up unless they ask but if the question arises at least you have considered it - but then how have, or will, you address the weakness/developmental area.

    It's always good to be able to provide examples, for example in my current role I have.... my line manager has praised me for... I have received positive feedback on... etc,etc

    Hope this helps - I'm a trainer and do recruit assessing/interviewing in normal my job so used to dealing with issues such as this.

    Good luck


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