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I know that a number of stations will be holding Charity events over the next few months for Help for Heroes. Let's see if we can all help scrap Defence Estates charging for the use of the stations before these events take place. I and others fully understand the need for commercial insurance cover before an event can take place that is just legal common sense but not the charges imposed by Defence Estates after accounts for events have been presented. i.e. demanding 15 per cent of the net profit from the event or the direct costs to the MOD, whichever is the greater
A charge of £7,041.01 was raised against the Army Benevolent Fund for the use of the Royal Military Academy
And how much did it cost to stage the event - Fcuk all

God roll on the next general election - I would even vote for the Iran nobber as pm as long as it got that lying, theiving ****** brown out.

In one paper I read "there stood brown with that grin of a pedo looking at dirty pictures"

Some smalmy minister had the cheek to mention in the chamber 'why the utility companies were being allowed to charge more for prepayment meter customers than bill payers' when the swine charge 5% vat on domestic bills, and of course the higher the cost of fuel the more money they get from users, and especially the poorest.

One or two of you might just have noticed that I really hate this government. I despise myself more for having put my x in their box.
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Departments: Charities

Nick Harvey: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how much Defence Estate (Aldershot) billed in liability charges for charity events held on his Department’s property since April 2005 to 2007. [152355]

Derek Twigg: The information requested will need to be collated and this will take a little time. I will write to the hon. Member and a copy of my letter will be placed in the Library of the House.
Substantive answer from Derek Twigg to Nick Harvey:
I undertook to write to you in answer to your Parliamentary Question on 3 September 2007, (Official Report, column 1617W) about the amount Defence Estates (Aldershot) was billed in liability charges for charity events held on his Department’s property since 2005-2007.
I apologise for the delay in writing to you following our meeting on 12 December, which was due to the time required to retrieve and review our available information. Unfortunately, the review has shown that it is not possible to separately identify liability charges for charity events.
I am placing a copy of my letter in the Library of the House.

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