Helping Veterans the MoD Way

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by kennys-go-nad, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. It gets worse :threaten:

    Helping Veterans the MoD Way
  2. Tell them to get stretched!!
  3. Signed

  4. FFS is there no end to the abuse of veterans, ask them to risk all for queen and country then f*ck them over. This government does not give a sh*t about the armed forces in any way shape or form. And as for Twigg dont get me started. Petition signed.
  5. Signed, another name added.
  6. Market forces at work in the public sector: the bottom line rather than any concept of service, duty or charity. Well the government cannot say they weren't warned!
  7. Signed with pleasure!

  8. Now read this

    Combat stress attempt to raise £6 mill a year to keep their head above water with the MOD only giving £2 Mill to help out.
  9. Shouldn't that have read "Hospitality is an excuse for this"?
  10. They need the money for office furniture. I believe they have just bought 3100 new chairs at £1050 each for their headquarters.
  11. are you talking about this

    or have more been ordered? :threaten:
  12. Signed!
  13. bUMP

    Near the thousand mark. If you can send this petition to all your email addys please as I'm sure Joe public do not have a clue that this is going on. MOD and in particular the Veterans minister Derek Twigg has been avoiding the issue since its first surfaced..I don't want this to happen. Two Jernos have already picked up on this however I am still waiting for answerers to questions from Twigg before I let them loose.

    Thanks for your efforts so far :thumright:
  14. Found this on Hansards today. Fine when Quoting Treasury Government Accounting Rules to take a % off donations for the RBL. However also Fine to contribute at this stage nothing towards the new gym and fitness pool for injured military personnel at Headley Court. just let the forces Charity's pay for it. Oh can the Treasury have its % from the donations still??

    Royal Military Academy: Army Benevolent Fund
    Ann Winterton: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how much his Department charged the Army Benevolent Fund for hosting its Music on Fire event at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in September 2006. [171350]

    Derek Twigg: Each application for the use of Ministry of Defence land for fund raising or other purposes is considered on its individual merits and an appropriate system of charges is applied. A charge of £7,041.01 was raised against the Army Benevolent Fund for the use of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, for the Music on Fire event held in September 2006. However, using Treasury Government Accounting Rules this figure represents an abated amount of the full costs that could have been charged.

    Armed Forces: Health Services
    Sir Paul Beresford: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what contribution the Government have made to the appeal to build a new gym and fitness pool for injured military personnel at the Headley Court Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Mole Valley. [172709]

    Derek Twigg: A new charity, Help for Heroes, with the support of a local business Arkenis, advised us in the summer of their plans to launch an appeal for funds to build a new rehabilitation complex, including a gym and swimming pool, at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court. The project would provide a very welcome enhancement of existing
    17 Dec 2007 : Column 1025W
    facilities, which currently include five gyms and a hydrotherapy pool. We are working closely with the charity to establish how we can best blend their generous offer of assistance with existing plans for improving facilities at Headley Court, a site which is itself owned by a charitable trust. This is yet another example of the third sector complimenting the work of the public sector in providing support to our people by working together.

    In other words, nothing
  15. I've only just seen this and signed it immediately.
  16. I wonder if any else has read the response from the Government on this petition, where a poor attampt at justifying the charges is made - including the statement that not doing so would mean "subsidising Non-Governmental activities".

    Personally I find that a ridiculous statement, these are charities that exist to help serving personnel and veterans for God's sake! It's arguable that they are in many cases carrying out activities that the Government should!

    What a PC Bean Counter attitude!

    It's a good job that individuals and companies supporting these charities don't see things in the same light as the Government.
  17. Done & Dusted.

    Signature number 2361.
  18. You Can say that but I would say G E T ******* E D!!!!

    If a MOD moves this then They to have NO Balls

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