Helpful Hints & Tips

No 1.
You know what its like. You trawl the Internet - find something funny/witty and think....hey - my friends would l-o-v-e to see this! So you post it - and what happens? Someone gets on your case saying "Seen it - its YEARS old! FFS! THATS on at least another half-dozen threads!" Well - to save face and to ensure your continuing popularity - always have one of THESE stuck to your monitor, and you can be safe in the knowledge that what you've just posted, is fresh, original and not likely to be greeted by a barrage of abuse. The "Make-Sure-Someone-Else-Has-Not-Posted-It-Post It"

The *Silver-Surfer Special*

Okay - there you are in the Chat-Room, when suddenly the old pucker-muscle starts to give out and you've just got to go! Well - with the latest JML Personal *BogWorkStation* you need never have to "Log Out" and "Log In" again. can STAY "Logged In", whilst dropping as MANY Logs as you want! (Available through "Saga" Magazine and at all Pound Shops throughout the UK)


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