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Helpful Heroes - New Website to Get Former Service People into Work


Recently a new on-line business has gone live in its first stage of development – firstly to inform the general public, as potential customers, of its existence and how it works to benefit them; and secondly to create as big a database as possible of former serving personnel, ready to register their skills and services as a “Helpful Hero”.

Here at Helpful Heroes we are hoping to fully functioning by the end of 2012, although continuing to build our database of providers beyond that date. The aim will be to eventually provide a vast array of skills and services to customers UK-wide, provided by a directory of qualified experts, all of whom are former service personnel.

“Helpful Heroes” is a new on-line business which was founded to connect potential customers with trusted and reliable local service providers, focusing on creating a local community. These service providers – our “Helpful Heroes” –are ALL former Armed Forces personnel having previously served in the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, who are now registering their skills and services on our site.

Nobody is under any obligation and all that we are asking is that interested parties register themselves as potential “Helpful Heroes” so we may keep them updated as to our progress over this coming year. Hopefully by that time our database of providers will have grown to such a size that we will be able to provide a full service.

To help get our former servicemen and servicewomen into temporary or full-time work please visait our website and pass on details to any potential "Hero" provider or interested customer.

For all details on this new and innovative company please visit:

Contact us: [email protected] and follow us on Twitter: @helpfulheroes

Thank you for reading and we hope to have you registered with us soon.
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