HELP !!!!

I'm joining as AC next week (15 June) and just received the worst phone call of my life.
Somebody from RAF just informed me that I haven't done my Aircrew medical, and I need to get myself down to Cranwell to do this medical ASAP! There has been an almighty cock up somewhere along the line and I am now shitting myself about this! My AFCO is out of the office today and I need to arrange the test date with the RAF today!!!

I have waited 3 years of my life for this, and sacrificed alot of good opportunities to do this! I have quit my job and I am all ready to join next week. If anyone can help it would be HUGELY appreciated.

Many thanks!
If it's your CA out of the office then can you ask someone else at your AFCO? Although you are not theirs I am sure they can offer some nugget of advice. Hope you get it sorted!


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Aircraft Controller and you need a medical?

Just the thoughts of a blonde, ex wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up!


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Just call your AFCO & ask to speak to the duty CA or Office Manager, in the absence of your CA. Don't worry too much about it, it's you AFCOs problem.

The branch has changed the rules with regard the requirement for a pre-entry aviation medical examination a couple of times.
Thanks everyone, managed to get everything sorted out and arranged okay! Fingers crossed all goes well and it should be back on track for next weekend.

Good news-Area boss has been in touch and explained what's happened. He's sorting out travel arrangements and medical is Friday morning. Should be home for my leaving party.
A stressful couple of hours I could have done without.
Glad you got it sorted. I had a voice mail from the Lt. in charge of medical management for RN recruits. I haven't been able to get a hold of him or my afco to find out what the issue is but hopefully mines is a medical that needs to be done as it's been nearly 3 years for me as well.

However I have a feeling that if an Lt. has to call me it cant be good news.
I'm in the same position I had a call from a Lt. regarding an issue with my medical. Ive done what I needed too and I'm awaiting the outcome but cant get hold of the Lt. or anyone at my AFCO. I'm due to start Raleigh shortly.
Hope you don't have to wait long for your outcome bk86
I'm sure it won't take long, I've done everything by the book but stressed myself worrying what the issue is. At least I'm not the only one, I'm sure you will be fine though.

When do you start?
Same here I did everything that was required and then got a phone call the other day asking for further info as it never got picked up. Ive now provided the additional info and await a reply.
I'm meant to be starting this Sunday. How about yourself?
Why on earth are they subjecting personnel to aircrew medicals when they're not aircrew? I could understand it if the docs were concerned about stress versus heart attack and, therefore, running a couple of heart-related checks but to undergo the whole aircrew medical when you're not going to be exposed to the medical 'challenges' of aircrew is a waste of time and money. Sounds to me like someone at Cranwell is trying to drum up more customers.


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The requirement for the Initial Aircrew Medical Examination for Air Traffic Control Officers, rating Aircrewmen & Aircraft Controllers is the RAF's shout, apparently - after they all pass FATs, prior to entry. The rules changed for the third time last October.

The reason for the requirement is a mystery, one can only assume it is because ATCOs & ACs must do a fair amount of flying. Maybe MLP can illuminate further?

As it is, there are three different pre-entry medicals, conducted by three different organisations - the one conducted for Divers, the additional one for Air and the bog standard one in which 50% of applicants require a follow-up medical. Just to compund it, each branch has its own medical standards with regard eyesight, colour perception, hearing & in some cases, weight.


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There are a few stairs to climb in Culdrose ATC tower.

Bloody crabs. They're even messing about with NILE paperwork now. A document that has worked perfectly in portrait for years is now landscape and hold less information. Everything has to go sideways with them!!

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
Just back. 16 hours in total on a train for a 1hour medical. That was fine, had an ECG too. The Doc said it looked ok to him, but he's not the one that makes the decision. The one who does isn't available 'till next week.
What a bloody farce. I've got train tickets and plane tickets all ready for next Sunday, I've even bought a new bloody iron!
And yet I still don't know if I'll be joining. Anyway I'm going ahead with my leaving party tomorrow. Think I may get rather pissed.

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