Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by King_of_RR, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Dear all.

    When i start training, is it possible to take my own food? like pasta in containers etc? The reason i ask is because im from south africa, and the other time i went to the UK i got the sh*Ts cause of the food.

    will they do special cooking for me?

    Thanks for any help.

    Many Thanks.
  2. You can't take food, but you can take your mother instead. She will be able to cook, iron etc just like being at home.

    Remember to take a blazer to Raleigh as well - up to 3 buttons.

    What did people do before teh intarnet was invented? Presumably there were guys turning up to basic training with things like pasta "in containers" (better than pasta not in containers I suppose) in their bags. If there weren't, I can only assume the answer to this is obvious. :? .
  3. when i first came on this forum i thought people were a bit harsh on newbies but now i feel compelled to write this, fcuk me are you for real!!!
  4. Shut up.

    To the OP, do you really think you can take 9 weeks worth of food in plastic containers.

    Just think about it.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. I wonder what suitcase would be best to fit all those containers in? :lol:
  7. DITTO! 8O
  8. If yournot for real you fail at getting bites, if you are do the RN a favour and stay in SA and eat biltong.
  9. HELP!
    Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:29 am

    Hello to Newbie ‘King_of_RR’*,

    You have asked for ‘any help’, and have received some already, here is some more>>>>>

    Q. When i start training, is it possible to take my own food?

    When you get homesick for the gnawing of Biltong then the finest Pusser’s webbing should do nicely as an alternative, practice on your back-pack straps.

    Q. Pasta?

    A. If you manage to join up and survive until your passing-out then you, and your classmates, will afterwards all get ‘Pasta-as-a-Rat’.
    Otherwise known as ‘Pasta’ or ‘Harry Ratters’.

    Re: “ ………other time i went to the UK i got the sh*Ts cause of the food.

    A. Do not worry yourself about getting ‘the sh*Ts’. The kindly parade staff and almost any of the other Instructional staff will arrange that for you, at no extra cost. ( As you are from SA, please avoid giving others these ‘Sh*Ts’. Some other SA’frickaans have been be quite adept at that bad habit.)

    Q. “will they do special cooking for me?â€

    A. ALL Pusser’s food is ‘Special Cooking’; you will taste nothing like it anywhere else in the world….

    With all the early rising, invigorating fresh air and healthy exercise an RN trainee will eat ANYTHING - and come back for seconds; or, as we sometimes say in Naval parlance, ‘go round the buoy’.

    If & when you are allowed to venture ashore (ashore = Off Campus) you must endeavour to encounter/sample/enjoy an oggie, or three; but only AFTER drinking alcoholic beverages (=Bevvies) in copious amounts, never beforehand. (Oggie = Corniche Patsy, best eaten cold & ALWAYS after their sell-by date)

    The RR jury is still out on whether culinary etiquette demands an accompanying liberal splatter of brown or red sauce. See:

    *Good advice is always available to a genuine RR inquirer but your choice of user name was not wisely made, if you are genuine then you will now have to tread and thread very carfully on this site.

    “Beware the Idles that Marchâ€â€¦â€¦..(Wm. Shaking-his-peer.)
  10. Nomnom, I like your use of Captain Picard.
  11. May as well add to the Picard collection:

  12. Wow, I never knew there were so many other trekkies on the forum!
  13. Why am i get all this abuse. I was only asking if i could take some food, cause i get the really bad sH*ts. Can someone with a correct and sensible answer me please.
  14. I'm not, I just like the pictures :lol:
  15. Fair play.
  16. immodium!!!!!!! Lots and lots of it
  17. No
  18. You appear to have changed your name Chicogiz, if you ask a sensible question then you might get a sensible answer.

    Now do one


  19. Course they will. Don't take your own scran, just ask the cookie boys for what you want. They will cook you anything you ask for!
  20. You clever :) . You got my ip adress cause i signed up on the same computer. :).

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