Discussion in 'History' started by babystew, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. my father died a few years ago, today i was going through some of his old photo's, i came across one that had written on the back me and the lads from the landyard ? he left the mob in 1946 as a p.o.stoker. i can't find any trace of a ship or base of that name, was it a nickname for the vanguard, any ideas would be helpful.
  2. Could be The Lanyard, a pub in Pompey .............
  3. Or try:

    Naval Historical Branch
    Admiralty Library
    Naval Historical Branch (Naval Staff)
    No 24 Store (pp 20)
    Main Road
    HM Naval Base Portsmouth
    PO1 3LU
    Tel: 023 92 724327 or 725300
    Fax: 023 92 724003
  4. many thanks mario, it was taken on deck of a grey funnel line. so don't think it was a pub
  5. Could the name be LANDGUARD ? There was an ex US Coast Guard vessel served during WW II under the White Ensign.
  6. many thanks isa will try that one
  7. you got it isadirty it was the landguard. many thanks

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