Just looking for some advice really, have been thinking about joining the Navy for a number of years, put off joining to go to University and now I am about to graduate I've been taking a look again at the maritime sector and the Navy in particular.

When I looked before the role that I was most interested in was as a Weapons Artificer either surface or submarine but now I see these job roles are no longer, are the new titles/roles similar?




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Welcome to the site.

The nearest equivalent to WE Artificer is Engineering Technician(WE) or ET(WE), but the initial trade training is far shorter and the initial qualifications far less.

IF you have the correct qualifications (5 GCSE's including maths & English, grades A*-C) plus 180 UCAS points at A level, you would be far better off financially joining as a graduate entry officer on £28K than joining as a rating on £13K.

Good luck whatever you choose.
Hey thanks for the quick reply,

I have looked at Officer Entry and its certainly more appealing now than it was when I considered joining before, I would probably try for Warfare (Submarine) as an Officer as unfortunately my degree isn't engineering but Accounting :( , knew I should have taken an engineering degree!
Well I don't know about "forte" to be honest I find it very dull, although I imagine it would be more interesting while you under the water and having to sort out a ships supplies!
I hadn't actually thought about the possibility of using my degree in the Navy, didn't think that logistics was about accounting more about organisation!

That said I have had a look at the Royal Navy careers site and read up about a Logistics Officer and the role certainly interests me.

*Also does anyone know what an RFA Officer Cadet is paid?

Just picked up this thread. I work in Naval Recruiting HQ - similar to Ninja - and also have access to RFA recruiters. PM me for any info. I'm on leave this week, back in the office Mon 28 Apr. There is a raft of stuff on the RN website too,

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