_cheese] 10:36 pm: hiya tubby
[greenking] 10:36 pm: hi brazen!!!!
[yozza1987] 10:36 pm: hi brazen kiddys are in
[golden_rivet] 10:36 pm: evening brazen
[josiecats] 10:36 pm: hy brazen
[Helmet_cheese] 10:36 pm: if Id known you were coming Id have baked you a cake
[phil1972] 10:36 pm: hi brazen
[HarryBosch] 10:36 pm: REMFs
[Helmet_cheese] 10:36 pm: a big one
[brazenhussy] 10:36 pm: hi
[Helmet_cheese] 10:36 pm: oh no not remf again
[yozza1987] 10:36 pm: hey helmet do u got off on doin this
[Helmet_cheese] 10:36 pm: yeah
[Helmet_cheese] 10:36 pm: I cream my own gusset
[yozza1987] 10:36 pm: i bet u got no friends in the world
[Helmet_cheese] 10:37 pm: I havent
[Helmet_cheese] 10:37 pm: I live on the internet
[yozza1987] 10:37 pm: thought so
[Helmet_cheese] 10:37 pm: and **** over things that would make you vomit
[jayb] 10:37 pm: don't encourage the twat!
[yozza1987] 10:37 pm: ok
[brazenhussy] 10:37 pm: Helmet & Dong - i would love 2 argue with u---- but i am more mature- so i wont
[yozza1987] 10:37 pm: i'll b quiet
[Helmet_cheese] 10:38 pm: oh we saw your levels of maturity last night, you bingo winged mess
[dong] 10:38 pm: Brazen been in the fridge again love?
[golden_rivet] 10:38 pm: nice to see lil's so full BH

can we please get rid off these
[Helmet_cheese] 10:43 pm: oh go and tell tales butter mountain
[dong] 10:44 pm: if it wasnt for those pesky kids
[Helmet_cheese] 10:44 pm: GOod Co Good co there are nasty people calling me a disgusting fat body
[Helmet_cheese] 10:44 pm: make them stop
[Diamond Lil's]: dixie_gooner has entered at 10:44 pm
[dong] 10:44 pm: Brazen do you mensturate gravey instead of blood?
[Helmet_cheese] 10:44 pm: or I will menstruate all over the place
[phil1972] 10:44 pm: what of course would be entertaining would be to meet these individuals as i am quite confident i would wreck ;em
[greenking] 10:44 pm: hi dixie
[brazenhussy] 10:44 pm: if u have nothing better to do then that shows what sad fecks u r -- i just hope u r serving armed forces
[phil1972] 10:44 pm: hi dixie
[Diamond Lil's]: mazza_magoo has entered at 10:44 pm
[Missmoneypennyoo7] 10:45 pm: hi dixie
[yozza1987] 10:45 pm: hi dixie
The prob is that there is nothing to stop these dolts coming back using different usernames again and again,simply put them to ignore, don't rise to their bait as this is obviously what toasts their crumpet.
Saying that the level of abuse is outrageous, you've probably(definately) had some in the Andrew, Brazen but none of us need this sort of nauseating drivel in Lil's where we go for a laugh or chat with like minded (for the most part :lol: ) individuals.
Here's hoping someone has a better solution, short of finding these 2 numpty cnuts and giving them a hiding.
Thank you Bad CO.

I am uncomfortable with a private room - useful tool though it is - is because why should we be chased out of our own chatroom? I hear that the chatroom is arrse is very bad, but historically it is not like that in Lil's. No much sensible goes on, but there is never abuse, just gentle mickey taking. We even have our own house trained booties!
Can you not post these clowns e-mail address' and let all of us bombard the pair of cnuts with our own special type of abuse, or is that stooping to their level!
Can you not post these clowns e-mail address' and let all of us bombard the pair of cnuts with our own special type of abuse, or is that stooping to their level!
Unfortunately not - that would be against our own rules. Besides the email addresses are almost certainly created for the sole purpose of registering on here. I personally suspect fallout from ARRSE where our users are very adept at getting round some of the protection methods we have!

A couple of other issues:

1. Mods can ban people from chat so if we aren't around then ask them to do so.

2. Can someone post an example of what it says when you user is hijacked?

3. Please feel free to use the /ignore command!

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