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Hi all, I am new to the board and I was wondering if any of you wonderful people could help give me a bit more insight into my grandfather's service.
I have tried to find out a bit but have had no success. He served as a stoker on

Duke 1941-1942
Victory 1942
Raven 1942
Medina 1942
Victory 1942
Dinosaur 1942 -1943
Copra 1943-1946
Victory 1946 - released Aug 46

Both of my Grandparents have passed away, and my mother knows a little, she did say he was on the landing craft on D-day. My mother said that my grandmother always told her that if you see the images look for landing craft 22 something (my mam cant remember the other number or their order). I would love to know more about him and if anyone has or had relatives serving at the same place and time as my grandfather.

Thank you
The name Copra is interesting in itself notwithstanding its WW2 role in Combined Operations in Scotland
Research it and see if you can gather why it was named HMS Copra?

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