Help!............yet more medical worries

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Rum-dooer, May 7, 2008.

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  1. I have my application filled in and ready to go. But on the Medical section of the 'Application Guidance' booklet,it states that i will be rejected for 'Athsma,wheeze or athsma symptoms or treatment within the last 4 years'

    Now,ive never suffered from athsma but about two years back i had a job in a very dusty enviroment which on one occasion gave me a bad wheezy chest which i reported to the doctor. Im just worried that these could be grounds for rejection. Is there anything i can do? As i feel a little cheated as this was simply down to a certain product i was working with,so is completely work related. But im not sure what it will state on my medical history!!! Help!!!
  2. Ok! Sit down.........and breathe!!!!!!! I am no doctor, but it sounds to me like you are having a panic over nothing. A wheezy chest due to working in a dusty environment does not mean you have had an asthma attack!

    So calm down or you'll give yourself a heart attack and then you'll be in trouble!

    Oh and best of luck :thumright:
  3. I hope your right :whew:

    Im just worrying over anything at the moment. I think its because im 27 next month and i dont want to have to wait until im 30 to join.

    Ive just done two mile on the canal bank in the hot sun, and ive not been doing much cardio for the last six months . So that tells me that theres nothing wrong with my chest/lungs.
  4. I don't think you should have any probs at all.

    Good luck.
  5. Sorry to bang on about this. But ive just another thread regarding the medical and someone stated not to lie. If im asked the question regarding any athsma like symtoms should i tell the examiner about the work related occurence? Just incase he contacts my GP.
  6. Good point! (I think it was me who made the comment about not lying too!)

    I would answer yes to the asthma question, but in the extra info section explain it was in reaction to working in a very dusty environment. Most people have a reaction like yours in a dusty environment - it's not abnormal. As long as that is explained you shouldn't have any diffs.
  7. Well I am 33 and will be 34 by the time I get to Raleigh! I was never blessed with the athletic gene and it's only in the past year that I have, through alot of effort, managed to get my fitness up to be able to join. I still have about 10 months to build on it before I start at Raleigh. Oh shit, only 10 months.... I better get me running shoes on again!!!!
  8. An point way of topic but I notice that the ages of some applicants now are much older than in my days back in the 70's.
    I think this is a good thing please don't get me wrong as people with some life experience will be good for the service.
    Can anyone tell me if this is a general trend.
  9. I know here in Canuckistan that we've seen a trend of much older recruits in the past few years.

    Factors that may be attributing to it are:

    The mandatory retirement age of 65 has been quashed by most jurisdictions for civvies and the CF has responded by upping ours to 60.

    That means that an NCM recruit can be the upper age of 55 when they apply and an Officer candidate can be 51 (officers must be able to serve a first contract of 9 years)

    Our reserves have always had an older upper age limit.

    Our CF encourages applicants for both NCM and Officer to have a university or college education.

    Overall, there has been a shift in the fitness level of folks over 30. On one extreme, there is a rise in obesity and on the other extreme, there is a rise in fitness interests from folks that have an increased personal wealth to pursue and maintain healthy living.

    The fact we're in a shooting match and require an increase in recruitment also has a lot to do with upping the age limits.

    Over here, we're in a small bubble of economic growth, so applicants are going to be scarce if they have choices in other fields of employment.
    (my I/O prof at RMC pointed out that recruiting usually is high when there are no jobs elsewhere (we can afford to be picky), and low when there are more jobs to be had (we tend to be less picky with the applicants).
  10. 10 months is plenty of time mate,no matter what your age or genetics. Remember,plenty of running,plenty of water and protein!

    .........And dont forget your sit-ups and press-ups[arms tucked in!]

    Ive always enjoyed lifting heavy weights,so im gonna carry on with that aswell as my cardio.

    And finally,good luck to you! :thumright:
  11. If you are that worried, get an appointment with your local Gp. If it isnt much to worry about, then tell the odd white lie. My mate didnt disclose his childhood asthma before we started our basic, and he's in his 18 th year. Just apply a little common dog, and i'm sure you will be fine.
  12. Childhood asthma is not a bar to entry! The purists would argue (and I agree) that although it sounds like asthma and is treated like asthma, it isn't asthma.

    The problem with white lies is that if one is detected, we don't know what real whoppers you've got out there and will require to examine your entire medical past. That takes time.
  13. Fair one doc (them new FFDs are a bit gucci, eh?)
  14. They're not bad - but the packaging's harder to use to close a sucking chest wound than the old stuff was!

    I'm waiting for the inevitable question: "why do the new ones not absorb as much blood as the old ones do?". Grrr. Getting angry now.
  15. elastic wrapping i suppose. the 'new' quick clot is going to help bigtime too

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