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Stumbled across this site and wondered if anyone could help. Ive recently requested my grandfathers service records and understood him to have been in the paratroopers (as we have his wings). However paradata have found his jump school record for ringway but they have quoted his service number as P/JX389878 and he is listed as signaller with the 6th airborne. I understand this number is naval. From a quick research online I understand some naval sivnallers were assigned to airborne units which may be why he was later in the paras?
Any help with this would be very gratefully recieved


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A name and dates would be mightily handy...........................................................


Sorry. His name was Cecil Whitehurst. Don't know any other info apart from he trained at Ringway 1943/44 & was on course number 96. We had no idea he may have originally been in the navy as only ever spoke about the paras to his son. I have just put in a request for his service records (1 for navy & 1 for army - just in case!)


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'ear 'shell, have you posted this on our sister site, ARRSE? You'll find a push button at the top right of the page.

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