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Help With Royal Marines

Im 16 Yrs Old and currently trying to Join the RM. I have passed my physcometric exam and Passed my medical but i got defeered because of my weight. I am around 59KG (60-61 on a good day) And as you proberly know you have to be 60+ So comfortabely around 63-65kg Without hassle. Im having so much trouble with putting on weight and training at the same time.

Aerobic Excercise im doing around 2.5 Mile run every weekday and upping it somedays to 3miles. I just have a few questions as i want to get fit and ready for the PRMC !

What would you guys recomend Running each day? (In Miles & what time trying to beat/match)

I do Pressups,Situps,Pullups. Should i be doing any others if so wich ones?

What foods are best for me to eat? If you could recomend a days worth of food e,g Breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,tea that would be fantastic. Any more help will be appreciated.


War Hero
Brownie123 said:
Lol the email address was forced upon me :safe: .
& Thanks 4 the warm welcome :)

Forced on you...............and you want to become one of Her Majesties finest. :toilet:
If you want to put some wieght on sup some for me :thumright: ex-rubberdagger will sort you out with training and food etc...he's a phizz kid.

Welcome to RR.
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