Help with possible debt problem please?


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I am currently 7 months deep into waiting for a reply off my security clearance and I am now having a nightmare disputing an old council tax bill from over 7 years ago.
They are now threatening me with Jacobs bailiffs etc but there is no court enforcement or dates set as yet ( not sure if they have the power or just trying to make my bum twitch).
What I am asking is does anyone know if this sort of debt would come up in the SC?
I am worrying it may effect my vetting.
I am disputing it as I was not at the property for the period they are asking for and I will continue to do so until I gather more evidence.
I was told CCJ's etc are a bar to entry.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Kindest Regards

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Haha yeah windows and doors are all on lock down.. that's not my point, it's over £2000 of debt which isn't my fault I had moved from the property like I said.. it's if it comes up in an SC is what I'm asking if anybody knows at all?
It's taking time to dispute it and will still be in this pickle for another month or so until it's settled. Simple to say just pay the debt, but for 1) it's not my debt to pay and 2) I don't have a spare 2000 in my wallet. It's not yet gone to court it is just a debt agency sending me letters.. thanks


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Easiest way to check if your unresolved debts will prevent SC being granted and bar entry, is check your credit rating on Experian:

The rough rule of thumb is unresolved or pending CCJs, undischarged bankruptcy or unresolved defaulted credit repayments will probably be a significant issue.

Before going off into a blind panic, check your credit rating first, contact your creditor, establish a repayment plan, start paying off the debt (or get it resolved through the county court if disputed) and simply be 100% honest on your security clearance application because you'll only be offered one opportunity to correct any deliberate omissions.


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I will get on there and check now. My credit rating was fine apart from an old contract phone bill which I am now paying off. I can still get credit so that should be fine. It was just this council tax bill worrying me if it ruined my chance of getting in if it turns to a CCJ. I will get it sorted asap I just really can't do with it going any further to court etc then I think that would definately show up and look bad on me.
Thanks a lot for that I'll check that link out now, appreciate it.


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I've been following the forum for a while and obviously you're an expert.

Do you class CCJ's the same as Defaults on someone's credit record?
From experience, do you know if a couple of defaults that could easily be paid off over a year or two would set of the same alarm bells as CCJ's?



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I have checked the system on Experian however it won't give me an answer as I can't click on the final links given of which credit cards, mail provider I am with etc as I am not with any of the ones mentioned.
I will keep trying other sites. Hoping this issue will not get in the way of my SC I'll be gutted.
Or at least I'll start paying for it so it shows I'm paying it off before it turns to a CCJ .. ( even though it's not even my debt! ) if they do contact me regarding vetting I will be forward and honest and hopefully resolve the situation.
I work as hard as the next man, never been in trouble, always try to do the right thing, then things like this sting you!
Thanks again


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Mate, instead of guessing, why not just Google whether Council Tax is recorded on your credit report or not?

I won't spoil the result, but don't expect to see any bad news


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Apparently council tax doesn't come up in a credit score mate it's a different line of debt.
Different debts are High Priority and Low Priority categories but council tax is high priority more damaging with court and turning criminal if not paid etc.
It's whether they'd still know about it on a check I don't know? And it's bad news if it turns to a CCJ for the SC from what I hear. Just annoying stuff and bad timing. I won't bore you all with it ha I'll have to keep battling it and hope it's ok. Cheers


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It was a rhetorical question :)

All I can say is, I've done a shed-load of research on this recently, and the over-riding theme is, be honest. It should not be a case of "will they find out?", are you not at the stage where you have signed to say you will immediately update your AFCO of any changes?


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I am mate and I was fully honest on all the forms. Weirdly enough I started getting these letters after I applied for the SC and car finance back in December. I was living overseas for a few year so didn't realise this 6 year old debt until now. I know a lad who joined the RM with an old unpaid bank loan of £5000 and he passed SC. But you are right I'll give them a ring tomorrow and explain.. from what I've heard it's out of the AFCO's hands now and past on to SC and residency waiver request. I'll give him a ring in morning and explain.
Possibly a long shot but have you tried contacting and presenting your side of the 'I was not at that address during the disputed period' story to the Ward Councillor for that address?

If the Council itself is ignoring your plea one would expect that Councillor (who is/was after all your 'rep') to get them to look into & sort it out on your behalf.

Another angle might be contacting the local newspaper for your old abode, they are good with headlines like:

'Bumbling Civic Officers Delay Sparkling Military Career Over Wrongful Debt'


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It's worth a shot mate. I've already got the overall bill brought down significantly from what they were first asking, however I'm having trouble gathering more information etc closer to the time of me moving as it was so long ago, they say they can't help with searching back so far gathering info yet there quick to chase the bill from so far. I'm sure overall it will be fine even if I have to go to court I will stand by my situation, it's the court letters and CCJ process etc what is worrying me as I'm currently being vetted and it's not what an applicant needs at this stage. I'll give that a shot mate thank you
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