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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrismonc87, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I can run under the time for the pjft but i can't run on a tredmill i don't know why (im weird i know) is there any thing i can do to help me get used to running on a tredmil
  2. Try running on a treadmill at a slower pace. Don't worry about the time and distance. Just get used to the motion first and then increase the speed. :happy7:
  3. I am in the same boat as you. I was/am used to running cross country, up and down hills and not having to press buttons to change the pace I run at.

    The only thing that you can really do to get better at it, is just to run on it more often unfortunately.

    Ive just come down with a heavy cold/possibly flu and I have my PJFT late next month. I dont think ill be able to get it under 9 minutes now :(
  4. Woopee fcuking doo. It's a pass or fail test, you don't get more points for sub-9minute runs :p
  5. Quality someone else who uses that expression. He might be going into the marines which is why he is aiming at 9 minutes.
  6. It's still 10:30 for the second run, I believe :p
  7. ok so would you say start by doing 5 mins fitness test thing then build it up from there or 10 mins
  8. Haha I love that expression.
    I'm not going for the RM, its still for RN, it's just my personality. I am never content with what I do. If I can be better at something, then I become better at it.

    Im not going to settle for 12 mins :p
  9. Forget treadmills, get out in the fresh air, rain, hail or shine. Boost your vitamin C intake get some buffered garlic tablets. Both will improve your immune system.
    What is wrong with this younger generation.........he'll be asking for a left handed jock-stap next!!!
  10. erm i am actualy left handed
    i mean the fitness test is on tredmill not in streets streets id pass it and tredmill i can't
    its not i can't do the time i can but not on a tredmill
  11. I think you got the wrong end of the stick. Hes saying that hes finding the treadmill running technique hard, and the PJFT test is on a treadmill.
    The only way you can get used to it is if you train more on it.
  12. Hi

    i tired the speed play to day and i think it went well part from getting a stich but carried on till i did it for 1/2 an hour and did a 30 second sprint then joged and walkded quickly then did it again etc. i defenatly felt fitter towards the end of the run and its only after my first session doing it cheers mate ill let you know how i get on
  13. Chris, hi.

    That's great news! I told you speed training was very effective but very tough. I have my PJFT tomorrow!!! At 2 PM! Damn, i'm so nervous. I'll let you know what time I get.

    Chris, how's your swimming going? Are you training for that too?
  14. Good luck Joe, mines on wednesday, excited but nervous :D
  15. Good luck to you too! I hope you get within your time limits.
  16. swimmings fine on waiting list though for 18 month so till after my pjft im goning to concentrate on my running and will swim recovery swims until after my pjft then start that again i am able to do the 2 lengths of the pool and tred water for three mins easily.
    good luck
  17. Are you doing the swim in overalls? It is a lot different.
  18. no but will do once i have done my pjft as i have enoguh time to do it once i have passed it.

  19. 18 month waiting list? That's about the same waiting time for me. What branch are you going in for?

    I joined my local gym and it has a swimming pool there, so i'm allowed to use it whenever I want. I'm a weak swimmer, so i'll need to work on my front crawl, breaststroke and treading water.

    By the way, breaststroke is the prefered stroke for the swimming test, so make sure you know how to do this well!
  20. yea i know i was on week four of the training plan so got up to the two lenghs and three mins tred water doing brest stroke i carry on swimming after that though. i also have a gym there to so its perfect might be a council one but no problems with it. i went gym tonight and did to cercuits and felt good after lets hope i feel as good tomorrow after my run.
    sea spec mate what bout you

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