Help with PJFT Please.

Alright lads, my date for basic is in 9 motnhs but my PJFT has expired and I have to do my 1.5mile run in 11mins 13 again.

Last year I done mine at HMS Collingwood around the Parade square which was perfect for me, and I done it in 10mins 34.

This year I have to do it on a treadmill. I've only ever ran on a treadmill twice before tonight as I do all my cardio outdoors.

The whole treadmill situation just confuses the hell out of me. My question is;

At what pace do I need to run on a treadmill for me to get under 11mins 13. Tonight I done the first 5 minutes on 12KM/H,

Then upped it to 13KM/H. But by the time I had reached 8 minutes on 13 the treadmill was telling me I had only done 1.51KM/H. So I upped it to 14 for the last 2 minutes and I didn't reach 2.4KM/H, to me 14 was very quick indeed and I was nakerd afterwards.

I hope this post isn't to confusing!!! Cheers for the help! (If you can)


Most places when doing your PJFT they set up the treadmill etc. for you, so you don't need to worry about that so long as you know you can do the pace normally outdoors!
As stated above the staff at the fitness first gym (probably) will set it to the minimum speed needed to pass. They may also add an incline to it of 1 or 2 depending on where you go so take that into account too. You should probably aim to match or beat your outdoors time for maximum brownie points. Goodluck!
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