Help with my sea cadets!

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Chicogiz, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me on this, well i go sea cadets but i have not for the pass 2 months because im getting pissed of with my CO not the cadets. Well anyway the reason im getting pissed of is the Co brother is a leading cadet and his got a girlfreind who has just joint and now she is a leading cadet sooo. Anyway i wanted to get a transfer so i went to see what that cadet unit was like and theres no way i like it because its horrible and at the cadets i am at its ok just the staff. I want to go back to my unit but been of 2 months because they have pissed me off what can i do?
  2. Try the Sea Cadet Forums.
  3. Thanks but they do not help because i would get better advice of my dog than them lol. The people on RR are helpful.
  4. Grow the feck up, you will find that when you join the Navy that you may not agree with your bosses ideas ie who he deems is fit for promotion, tough shit get a life boy and stop whinging.
  5. I would shut up because a captain agreed with me because what they have done would of got the royal navy in real trouble but its not the navy its sea cadets the girl got promoted because his gf soo.
  6. Seconded.
  7. Call them naughty swear words and throw stuff at em' that'll do the trick :number1:
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk the C.o.'s brothers girlfriend just to p1ss the leading hand off which will inturn make the leading cadet embaressed and look bad on the this H.M.S Incest you serving at?
  9. Oooh, any drafts going?
    I can't get my head 'round what's happening here, who's doing what to whom?

    Chicogiz- life ain't fair shippers, whoever told you different is a liar.
  10. Why did TV producers ever waste time with "Making Waves" for the RN...clearly their is far more interesting nepotism, debortuary and scullduggery going on in the SCC..

    Clearly a mini series called "Making Little Waves! is called for!
  11. Come on guy's, this is, as we call it in the Pongo's, a WAH of the highest order.
  12. Hang on, I have changed my mind I have looked at his other posts, No But Yeh But No But Yeh But, right, what happened was etc.

    This is not a WAH.
  13. I'm sorry but i dont understand a word.

    Try writing it in english and you may get more help.
  14. Vicky Pollard, Little Britain = No But Yeh But, Wah = Wind up, Fecking Hell do I have to spell it out, clearly I do.

    Look at his other posts, I thought that this was a wind up, but after looking at his other posts I have changed my mind.

    English enough for you.

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