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Help with money


Book Reviewer
Does anyone need a bit of spare cash, I'd like to help but any day now I'm getting millions in from some mates in Nigeria so thought this might help someone else out


My name is Heather Sullivan. I m a british national. I got your email address from an online journal. I m writing to you from a jail in Wapakoneta in Ohio USA with the help of the chief warder and my lawyer. I have been here for four(4) months now suffering over a crime I know nothing about. It was all a set up which I came to realise lately was arranged by my own boyfriend who wants to take over my inherited wealth and estate which I also made him a signatory to.

The main reason why I have contacted you is to seek your kind help in moving $3.5mUSD (Three Million and Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) which he dosen't know about from one of my inherited stock accounts which I inherited from my late dad and its handled by one of the big stock firms JFbond Securities and Asset Management. I need you to contact the broker in charge of at JFbond through the below email address and quote my file number 8801782JF while contacting him. Of course, he is already aware of my current situation which is why you need to quote the above file number so he would understand you were directed by me to move funds on my behalf. You shall be taken through legal process such as completion of funds release form and some other stuff.

Contact Name: John Atovik
Email: [email protected]
Fax: +448721117349

I shall keep my own part of the deal by offering you 30% of the $3.5mUSD. As soon as the funds has been handed over to you, just deduct your 30%. And you will do me a favour by helping me to keep the remaining funds safe untill this case is cleared. I pray the lord helps me.



NOTE: Whatever contact you make with the broker, he would indulge me about it and that means you don't have to worry about indulging me with the progress of the transaction.


War Hero
Sorry mate but im helping out some Polish bird who promised me $250,000 if I can pay for her flight to Manchester.


War Hero
Mind you, I'm not trust worthy all the time. I once saw the RN off.
I put in for two weeks leave, and when they granted it,....... I didn't go.


War Hero
JF Bond Securities. They must be an absolute top-of-the-line asset management company. After all, not everyone can get an MSN email address. Oh, hold on.........
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